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With vnd1.8 million in your hand, which apartment do you choose?

Charmington Iris

The Charmington Iris apartment is expected to help reduce the current housing shortage, particularly in the heart of District 4.

Today, the apartments are located in the heart of the city are attracting many customers and large businesses. This also attracts many investors who want to own the land in the center of the city because the profits that it will bring after many years will be huge. So the apartments here are sold at towering prices. Typically, apartments in District 1 are expensive and extremely rare.

If you have nearly VND 1.8 billion but want to own an apartment in the city center can confirm that it is difficult to find. However, there is no complete, with the growing development of large urban districts of the city such as 4,7,2 districts real estate projects are growing strongly. Especially, if you are looking for an apartment located near the center, easy to move and have full facilities but not too expensive price is less than VND1.8 billion, the Charmington Iris apartment district 4 of Sacomreal will be the perfect choice for you.

Charmington Iris project
Apartment area is the crystallization of many elements perfect

A summary of the apartment in the administrative center of District 4.

Charmington Iris is a project designed and built by Sabeco HP Ltd., a Sacomreal company. The apartment located at 76 Ton That Thuy, Ward 16, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City. The apartment is built on the land is considered the best feng shui in District 4 so this place is a lot of real estate investors want. With an area of ​​16,645.3 sqm Sabeco HP uses 32.81% of the total area for the design and construction of the remaining apartment is used to make green campus full of facilities.

The apartment is built with a lot of apartments with 1,438 apartments and 14 storey houses with different areas ranging from 1-3 bedrooms are divided into 2 blocks, 35 blocks each and 1 basement.

Located at the heart of the city and occupying the center of District 4.

Charmington Iris is located right on the front of Ton That Thuyet Street, which is the main road linking many of the city’s roads. It is easily connected with 3 major urban areas such as District 1 with only 3 km. , go to Phu My Hung busy urban area just 4km from Nguyen Van Linh and Thu Thiem urban area just 2km to Thu Thiem bridge or 4 via Thu Thiem bridge. apartment 4km. With easy access to the three largest urban areas in the city, Charmington Iris Apartments will be in the immediate future and in the near future, the City Government will be most interested in developing the infrastructure.

Not only that, the apartment is built right in the administrative center of District 4, where convergence of modern utilities, high level as well as where will bring great profits for business investors. Due to the increasing strength of district 4, especially, the city authorities are determined to make District 4 the economic hub of the city, and to create a new face for District 4 and make this place the green lung of the city.

Charming Iris location
Charmington Iris owns a prime location that offers many benefits to its residents

So, this will be the place to bring an ideal living space, is the dream of many families when they want to live in a clean environment, air pollution is not helping to make the wave become beautiful than.

The benefits that the owner brings to his customers.

Charmington Iris apartment is located in district 4 with attention to detail, lines designed to aim to bring comfortable living space, complete with complete facilities in the apartment. for customers. As soon as you step into the apartment will help customers feel a civilized environment, comfortable. The investor has set aside three floors for the facilities inside the apartment including shopping mall, gym, health spa, nursery school … for all residents. This will always feel and enjoy the full space of a modern life with high quality facilities.

  Not only that, with its location on the heart of District 4, the Charmington Iris Apartments have inherited all the existing amenities in District 4. The residential area will be able to quickly reach and Access to diverse commercial services such as the school system at all levels with a well-educated environment; major regional hospitals, large commercial centers, amusement parks, …

Facilities of Charmington Iris
Charmington Iris has inherited all of the existing utility services in District 4

With all this outstanding facilities, this place will bring satisfaction to all customers both when encountering the most difficult customers and where it will be an effective investment for businesses. .

Great incentive policies when having an apartment in the Charmington Iris luxury apartment district 4.

At the price of nearly VND1.8 billion, when the owner of an apartment where customers purchase seats will be paid by Sabeco HP investors up to 10% per year for the amount of deposit and paid interest in the form of pay cash or monthly transfer. Not only that, customers also have the right to choose apartments and get a discount of 2%.

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