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Wood Flooring And Concrete Flooring: Which One Should You Choose?

Wood flooring and concrete flooring

Today, machinery combined with modern technology to help people create a variety of wood flooring is durable, resistant to moisture and termites.

In addition, wooden floors bring luxury, class and modern beauty to the house, affirming the value and aesthetic taste of the owner of the house. Depending on the level of cost and durability, you can choose between laminate flooring or natural wood flooring corresponding to oak wood, walnut wood.

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Wood flooring and concrete flooring
Wood floors are very popular today.

Meanwhile, concrete floors are more durable than wooden floors and other floors, however, if you or your loved ones are not careful falls down, the chances of injury are quite high. People choose concrete floors because they are environmentally friendly. One thing to note is that if you do not execute the right technique, you will be vulnerable to mold attack. The concrete floor is suitable for homeowners who love their personalities and desire to find out about memories and childhood stories and help make the room bright.

Comparing wood floor and concrete floor

In terms of quality

As mentioned, the concrete floors have high durability and very good resilience, hard to break. With this type of flooring, you do not need to worry about high heels, indoor pet nails or furniture in the home to ruin it. Especially, if you know how to take care of concrete floors properly, they will last a long time. To do that, you only need to wax and polish the floor every few months so that the surface of the screen is always as beautiful as new.

With wood floors and depending on the quality of wood selected have the different life expectancy. Laminate flooring industry has an average life expectancy of 15 – 30 years, with natural wood flooring, the higher life expectancy can reach infinite if you know how to choose and preserve. In addition, wood flooring has the ability to keep the heat quite good so the summer will be cool and in winter not cold. If your family has children, feel free to play directly on the floor.

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Wood flooring and concrete flooring
A sample house using a concrete floor.

In terms of color

We can now see concrete floors without stopping in monotonous gray but they are also created with a variety of colors and texture effects. However, you must create a new floor above. This gives you more freedom in design choices because you start with a very flexible surface.

Meanwhile, wood flooring has a wide range of colors and designs, especially natural wood with each type of wood for different types of wood, diversified variety creates many options for customers. Besides, the wooden floor also creates luxury, modern and is creating the new trend in style flooring in Vietnam and in the world.

In terms of cost

Compared with wooden floors, concrete floors have a much lower construction cost, and the time spent installing concrete floor is less than wood flooring. However, with the advantages of the above, the floor is always the first choice of each person.

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