Workers In The Industrial Park Still Suffer From Housing Demand

The country is in the process of industrialization and modernization, which leads to the strong development of industrial zones. This means that the labor force is increasingly concentrated in industrial parks, which makes daily demands such as sports and recreation, preschools, health services and especially housing demand with cheap price…

Homing dream

Ms. Tran Thi Phuong (Thanh Hoa) working at Sam Sung Industrial Park (Thai Nguyen) said that she had worked at Sam Sung since the early days of the industrial park and was married and had children. Because the income is not so much, the family have to rent a house, children have to send home from their grandparents. Not only my spouse, many families here are also in such circumstances, the workers only know how to work full day only. The demand is great, but the housing is still the biggest wish and the children study”, Phuong said.

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Le Quang Duong (Thanh Hoa) said: “The dormitory of the company also ensures most of entertainment needs, but only for workers. Besides, male workers are only supported for one year, female workers are in two years.

Social Housing

There is a need for social housing for workers

Moreover, they manage by the hour, so going somewhere is quite inconvenient. No children, no room for the family. Long-term workers like us are forced to choose an off-site or residential rental property”.

“The demand for housing is great, but we have little information about the type of housing in this industrial park. From 2015, I have also heard the company has announced that there is a type of apartment housing sold to workers at low cost and paid for by another company. However, it is also “not heard so far”, Mr. Yang laments.

Early breakthrough solutions

Nguyen Hoai An, Director of CBRE Hanoi Research Division, said that the demand for workers in industrial zones is not only houses but also for recreation, medical services … but almost none of industrial zones meets this demand, except for some big industrial parks such as Binh Duong.

In fact, some large companies already have dormitories that support workers but only partially meet their real needs.

“There are a lot of the housing demands for workers in industrial zones but the owners are still cautious with this segment. Because the mentality of the investor is that any segment of profitability is fast, less risky, they invest and vice versa. However, the liquidity of workers is low because their income is also low.

If they are building super cheap houses for them, at least $13,500 – $27,000 per unit. In order to meet the needs of workers and attract investors into this segment, only the support policies investment of the state will help the enterprises to pour capital into this segment”, An analyzed.

At the meeting with more than 2,000 workers in the Central Highlands provinces in April, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said he was reportedly among the 2,7 Millions of employees of 344 industrial zones and export processing zones in the country, more than 1.2 million laborers have demand for housing, but only 5-10% of the demand is met.

Social Housing

Social housing for low-income workers

Facing this situation, when the General Confederation of Labor of Vietnam proposed the scheme on building trade unions, the Prime Minister immediately considered and approved.

Accordingly, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor will coordinate with other relevant ministries and agencies to jointly build institutional facilities for laborers and trade unionists in industrial parks and export processing zones. These include housing, cultural houses, libraries, kindergartens, legal support centers for workers to protect workers’ legitimate interests.

The Prime Minister also suggested: “The provincial governments should coordinate with the trade unions in allocating land, supporting infrastructure to build housing and trade unions for workers.

At the same time, calling on the business community to pay attention to, support the construction and repair of houses for workers, which helps them “settle down” with better living conditions to build the country.

Hopefully, with new mechanisms and policies, new direction from the government to create and act will be the premise for enterprises to make the “homing dream” of the workers soon come true.

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