The worries are behind the active real estate in Hanoi

Although the real estate market in Hanoi has made positive changes, customers still have some concerns.

In recent years, the real estate market in Hanoi has become ever more exciting with the project apartment, apartment extremely class. Moreover, liquidity has also increased, and there are a number of projects that continuously increase prices. However, this excitement also raised many concerns to customers.

the real estate in Hanoi

Hanoi real estate market has made positive changes

Hanoi real estate liquidity increased dramatically

From the second half of 2014, the real estate market in Hanoi, especially in the segment of apartments with liquidity began to increase strongly. The explosion of liquidity in the apartment market in the last months of 2014 is explained inevitably after the repression of trading in three to four years the market plummeted.

In addition, the market leading segment of the mid-range apartment is identified as the real estate market in Hanoi has entered the cycle of recovery and development, when most people have confidence in the stability of macroeconomics. From the fourth quarter of 2014 up to now, mid-range apartments seem to have a leading role in the market, replacing the low-cost apartments that led the market over the past three years. Although the segment of the apartment segment in Hanoi in 2014 increased continuously but the number of transactions was maintained. According to the first quarter of 2015, the volume of apartment transactions in the real estate market in Hanoi still increased and 3 times higher than the same period in 2014.

Moreover, in recent years, the segment of social housing is also quite exciting. We can mention the event to buy social housing The Vesta attracted 1500 customers attended the weekend. Specifically, the social housing project The Vesta is invested by Hai Phat, located in Phu Lam Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi. This project consists of 8 apartment buildings with 19 storeys with a total of 1902 apartments. Moreover, customers who buy social housing here will be able to borrow up to 80% at an interest rate of only 5% per annum for 15 years. According to the investor, from mid-March to now has more than 800 applications for registration of social housing The Vesta. Moreover, the rally of real estate firms not only took place in Hanoi but also spread to neighboring provinces.

the real estate market in Hanoi

The liquidity of Hanoi real estate projects is increasing dramatically

Capturing the bustle of the market, businesses run through open sales. And from the beginning of 2015 up to now, the real estate market in Hanoi seems like a lot of sales by openings, but many announced projects have large quantities of products ordered by customers. Apart from distribution units of enterprises in Hanoi, from the first year of 2015 up to now, Hanoi has dozens of distribution units large and small also launched thousands of apartments.

According to the association of real estate recently in the first 6 months of the capital Hanoi has about 14,000 transactions successfully.

Concerns surfaced after the hectic Hanoi real estate market

Although the improved market liquidity is a good signal for real estate businesses as well as the economy, there are some concerns about this.

In particular, the boom in liquidity caused a large number of investors to return to the market. With the participation of investors, speculation that many apartment projects have been pushed up, increasing continuously in about a year ago. Therefore, the Government has to pay attention to the real estate market signs of warming, the bank must closely monitor and monitor the capital to avoid real estate bubble.

At present, real estate projects are backed by bank loans for home loans, even three to four banks provide loans with high interest rates. The boom of the market and the increasing availability of real estate have also been warned. Currently, commercial real estate loans are getting easier. Therefore, more and more banks involved in lending are also alarming.

It can be said that real estate prices are rising again and at relatively high levels turn real estate loans into bad debt in the future. This will become a concern for customers to buy houses.

Despite the concerns, the Hanoi apartment market has become more vibrant and breakthrough than ever. According to experts, the real estate market will not show signs of cooling.

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