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You Should See Four Beautiful Villas In District 2

beautiful villas in District 2

House 81 is a modern, high-rise living space featuring the rare open space created by the impressive 5m high glass wall in the living room and dining room.

Villa House 81 Thao Dien

Villa House 81 brings the standard of the luxury resort with world-class facilities, surpassing the beautiful Thao Dien Compound villa in District 2.

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Designed by an American team of architects with more than 35 years of experience, House 81 is the result of the highest demands in design and construction standards. In addition to the absolute security system using SmartHome technology and the standalone power system at Thao Dien Compound, House 81 is also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as saltwater pools for health protection healthy, different from the quality of water in the common villa swimming pool. In addition, the entire water system of the mansion is secured on the basis of the world’s leading water purifier.

beautiful villas in District 2
Villa House 81 has a beautiful view overlooking the green campus.

House 81 is a modern, high-rise living space featuring the rare open space created by the impressive 5m high glass wall in the living room and dining room. The kitchen interior with rosewood carvings creates a royal and luxurious atmosphere. Waterfront space of District 2 along with a cool natural environment in direct harmony with the space of the house from the private balcony in each bedroom.

beautiful villas in District 2
Villa House81’s romantic evening setting

The villa was developed and invested right at the prime location of District 2 by Chiaphua Group, a multidisciplinary group present in all over the world – famous for its projects, the bridge, House 81 is a convergence of sophistication in modern and classic design schools, the most unique royal style residence in Thao Dien Compound.

Villa Lily Thao Dien

Contemporary Lily tropical villa stands between Thao Dien Compound District 2, which is an intersection of modern minimalism and a harmonious blend of nature and light. Designed and supervised by architects of famous works such as Angsana Hotel, Bayan Tree, Evason Hotel – Mr. Ian Harper, and Jen Development’s investment, Lily Villa The combination of unique architecture, modern glass, open space together with the pool between the green garden creates the most living space between the Thao Dien Compound.

beautiful villas in District 2
Villa Lily Thao Dien has modern touches

Positioned in the most luxurious Thao Dien district in District 2, just 5 minutes from downtown Ho Chi Minh City, Lily Villa stands out as the epitome of modern living and tranquil tranquility of the distinct neighborhood. with green trees, swimming pool and living facilities perfectly integrate with nature perfectly. The most luxurious living space of Lily Villa is represented by 3 bedrooms, private bathroom with Kohler bathroom equipment. In addition, the open-air shower area with sun loungers connecting to the outdoor infinity pool makes up the difference and luxury.

beautiful villas in District 2
Pool facilities amid cool campus

The carefully designed villa creates a combination of natural light and green space intermingled throughout the architecture of the house. Tropical gardens and lighting systems are specially designed. Moreover, the modern staircase is also the highlight of the villa.

Nguyen Van Huong Villa

If you are a person with high economic conditions and enjoy noble life, the villa certainly Nguyen Van Huong (Thao Dien Ward, District 2) is ideal for you. This north-facing villa has an extremely spacious area of 550 square meters, consisting of many rooms with 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, suitable for a large family. Besides being equipped with high-class pieces of furniture, the villa also owns a small campus with shady green trees, not to mention the beautifully curved pool area where the buildings are located. Guests can enjoy fun moments together at the weekend.

beautiful villas in District 2
Exterior Nguyen Van Huong Villa looks modern, airy

White-tone villas dominate the roof, helping to promote the beauty of luxury and the direction of the villa for the nobility. Stylish design detail to detail is one of the factors that make up the value of Nguyen Van Huong villas. You can see this as soon as you walk into the living room lounge or visit the kitchen, which is equipped with cabinets kitchen color extremely luxurious.

Come to live in Nguyen Van Huong villa, your family also live in a healthy environment, security and enjoy other public utilities such as schools, supermarkets, hospitals …

Villa Street No. 14

Thao Dien at Road 14  Villa (District 2) is a harmonious combination of modern exterior and classic interior. Premium wall tiles interlocking the glass wall to help get the most natural light source, the garden with trees shady trees … North-facing villa symbolizes the reunion and relaxing moments rest with my family. That is very clear in the overall design architecture of the villa. With an area of 354sqm, Villa has 3 floors with 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms.

beautiful villas in District 2
Villa at road 14 is a harmonious combination of modern exterior and classic interior

The ground floor is the family living space. The connection between the living room and the kitchen is a transition path between modern and classic with two sides of the passageway with spaces for the owner to decorate with picturesque ornaments. If the living room space is characterized by modern living style with full facilities, the space of the kitchen is classic with typical wood furniture. Resting space is divided equally into two floors 1 and 2.

Villa’s luxury kitchen line 14

The bedrooms have an open design and the reasonable layout of the glass door system allows the room to receive the most natural light source. The combination of classicism and modern living comfort in each bedroom contributes to good sleep for homeowners.

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