Young people buy cheap houses and the notes can not be ignored

Let’s take Realestatevietnam through 6 notes for young people when buying a cheap home. These notes will help young people choose a home for themselves.

The first note when buying a cheap home

When choosing a low-cost home, young people choose the home that best suits their needs and the purpose of their time. For example, a person without a family can choose a small house or a small one bedroom apartment. For newlywed couples, 1- to 2-bedroom apartments will fit their needs for about 5-6 years, even when they are about to receive new members.

The second note when buying a cheap home

The financial solution when buying a cheap home, from where the house suits your needs, leads to a proper financial solution, including your current cumulative or loan amount. Now in HCM City, young people can search for apartments priced at over 1 billion dong in projects such as Vincity Grand Park District 9, Flora Fuji District 9, Ehome S District 9, Heaven Riverview District 8. .

just buy an apartment suitable for the needs of the family

When buying a cheap home, just buy an apartment suitable for the needs of the family

The third note when buying a cheap home

With a mortgage loan, if you wait until you have accumulated enough money to buy a home, it is not an optimal solution. As the rate of increase in real estate prices will usually be higher than the savings interest rate, if your accumulation is not put into production or business. Therefore, you should buy a house when you have accumulated some money and the rest using the bank loan solution.

Normally banks will lend up to 70% – 80% of real estate value. However, if you stand at home buyers, it is usually best to buy a home that suits your needs when you accumulate about 50% of the value of your home. For example: Currently you accumulate 400 million, you should buy a house or apartment cost from 800 million. This home will suit your current needs and financial needs.

Calculated, if you borrow VND400 million, usually you pay about VND3 million per month for the current interest rates applicable banks (usually 7% – 8% per year fixed in 2 to 3 years). Although interest rates are higher in the future (about 10% per annum), bank interest is around VND4 million per month, still under control.

Be very careful when borrowing money to buy a home

Be very careful when borrowing money to buy a home

It is important that you pay the bank if you do not have a house, you have to rent a house, the rent for your current needs is about the same as bank interest as above.

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If you rent a house, the rent will flow into the landlord’s pocket, you get a reasonable loan to buy a house and pay interest to the bank, interest paid to the bank as a rent, as you are. Rent your own home. This rent will usually be returned to you because the added value of the property over time will compensate, usually the value added offset will be higher than the interest you pay the banker.

The fourth note when buying a cheap house

For location and distance, with the demand and price as above, you should choose a house in the center of the city or where you work within a radius of about 10km – 12km. You should choose real estate in the area with more traffic, convenient connection to the center and where you work.

The fifth note when buying a cheap house

In terms of finishing, choose a home that is well-finished, at least basic, so that you do not have to pay extra or less to complete your home.

The sixth note when buying a cheap house

On the value of life, often young people are busy, or go to work, go home on the holidays. Therefore, choose the house, apartment with full interior area such as swimming pool, park, kindergarten … the area has protection, security and good living environment. This is good for your well-being, for your children, and peace of mind for your home and property when you are away.

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