10 Raesons Should Be Considered To Choose Purchasing Vinhomes Landmark 3 And 6

In December 2015, the last two remaining buildings of Landmark complex named Landmark 3 and Landmark 6 were officially introduced by Vingroup, which are the heart of Vinhomes Central Park because of its strong and distinctive points.

To clarify the breakthrough in design and the key highlights of Vinhomes Landmark 3 and 6 Apartment. We offer “Top 10 reasons you should consider to choose buying Vinhomes Landmark 3 and 6 apartments” in order to share useful information to readers.

According to the Vinhomes Central Park map, Vinhomes Landmark 3 and 6 buildings is situated in the Landmark Vinhomes residential complex, which is also the last remaining two luxury buildings in the complex. Because of its location in the heart of the complex, Vinhomes Landmark 3 & 6 Apartments enjoy unique privileges that few other Vinhomes apartment buildings do.

Reason 1: The Vinhomes Landmark 3 Apartment has outstanding design with 5-star facilities such as: a lobby lounge, buffet restaurants, gyms, meeting rooms, Shophouse, etc) for rental demand.

Reason 2: The Vinhomes Landmark 6 Apartment Building has a unique view: overlooking to the dynamic interior area, the park, and a green and romantic river.

Landmark 3 And 6

Aerial space from the top of Landmark 3 And 6

Reason 3: A mini-city is designed Vinmec Hospital, Vinschool School, Vincom Trade Center, Vinpearl Five Star Hotel, Vinamart, Vinamart, Riverside Park, Boat Station,etc.

Reason 4: The construction density of Vinhomes Central Park is lowest compared to other projects in Vietnam at present, only making up about 16%; the rest is for the riverside park, the infrastructure items, facilities in order to give the best services to Vinhomes Central Park residents.

Reason 5: Modern sports area includes golf course, tennis court, badminton court, etc.

Reason 6: The Vinhomes Landmark 6 is a smart apartment building designed with automatic sound control, lighting, curtains and air conditioning.

Reason 7: They stay close to Landmark 81 – Vietnam’s tallest tower, Saigon’s new symbol of prosperity.

Reason 8: Green building uses Low-E glass, solar water heater and European standard for water purification.

Reason 9: Living at Vinhomes Central Park, you enjoy your life as in a resort in the heart of urban because they have internal facilities including children’s pools, the whole family’s pools, a Jacuzzi pool, flower gardens, lawn grass, BBQ garden, etc.

Landmark 3 and 6 utilities

Landmark 3 and 6 5-star standard utilities

Reason 10: Entertainment area  including: iMax cinema, 360 degree observatory on the highest floor of Landmark 81, 3,500 sqm indoor skating-rink, sky bar, etc.

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