The Landmark 81 Tower And Special Things

The Landmark 81 Tower is a part of the Landmark project in the Vinhomes Central Park, which is inspired by the image of a bunch of the bamboo – the traditional symbol of the strength and the solidarity of Vietnamese.

The Landmark 81 with 81 storeys is shaped to the blue sky as the mark of a whole new era of the prosperity and expressing the desire to reach into the world of Vietnam. Considered as the new architectural symbol in the most dynamic city in Vietnam, the Landmark 81 is the “heart” of the miniature Vinhomes Central Park Urban Area in Ho Chi Minh City.

When the Landmark 81 is completed, you can feel the height from the highest observatory in Vietnam, the tallest apartment in Vietnam, the highest bar, the highest restaurant in SouthEast Asia along with the other luxurious services of the Vingroup brand.

Highlights only in the Landmark 81

  1. Top 10 tallest buildings in the world
  2. The largest “green building” in Vietnam
  3. Vinpearl 5 star hotel “for the head”
  4. The most fashionable shopping paradise
  5. Top class club
  6. The highest observatory in Vietnam
  7. The infinite pool with the best view
  8. The largest riverside park in Ho Chi Minh City

Presidential Suite – The most luxurious place

Landmark 81 Tower

The Landmark 81 Tower is part of the Landmark population in the general city of Vinhomes Central Park

In recent years, when the hotel market in Vietnam reached the certain level of development, people began to pay attention to the “true” level of the 4-to-5-star hotel.

There are many criteria when evaluating the quality of services at these high-end hotels, but many people said: ‘Just see that hotel whether has the Presidential Suite or not is enough to know’.

It is no coincidence that people scored for this criterion even though it was not on a scale to rank the stars.

In Vietnam, most Presidential Suites in 4-to-5-star, even 5-star+ hotels are designed in the personal style, only for heads of state. It requires very strict standards that any resorts or hotels cannot meet, from the security, luxury, class, convenience to food and quality service…

This means that the hotels with Presidential Suites are becoming one of the trusted addresses that many politicians and businessmen choose.

Recently, the tallest building in Vietnam – The Landmark 81 in the urban area of Vinhomes Central Park – is announced that it will have the most luxurious Presidential Suite making many customers curious.

The investor Vingroup, which are always known only for the performance of luxurious real estate projects and the hotels with presidential suites such as Vinpearl Nha Trang, is constructing the Landmark 81 building. Do they make a difference? A representative of this investor once shared with the press: “We want every real estate project completed to leave its own mark.”

Therefore, even in the heart of the most dynamic cities in Vietnam with a host of other first class hotels, The Landmark 81 will still be attractive to many people and customers.

According to the investor, the Presidential Suite will be located at a special location in the area of the hotel, overlooking 360 degrees at the height that cannot be ideal for viewing the city and surrounding areas space anymore that is not limited by any barriers.

Furniture in the bedroom and living room is arranged in the luxurious manner and the unique artistic style thanks to the hands of the talented professionals in the world.

The location of the room is well arranged to ensure the maximum in serving the guests on all services while still ensuring the safety.

Five-star hotel Vinpearl “for the leaders”

Landmark 81 Tower

Vinhomes Central Park will bring a classy lifestyle in a green, clean and open space with nature.

Inspired by the design of the Park Hyatt Shanghai Hotel (the tallest building in Shanghai), the five-star Vinpearl Hotel will be the first most luxury hotel in the Vinpearl resort system, including 261 rooms located from 42nd to 76th floors.

And this is also the place where the multinational corporations and diplomatic missions look for a classy meeting space or the ideal venue for celebrity weddings.

Break many records of the altitude

Possessing the first remarkable points in Vietnam, the Landmark 81 broke the record of not only the altitude but also the other records such as the highest observatory in Vietnam, the highest restaurant and the highest bar in South East Asia, the tallest apartment in Vietnam and the most luxurious building in Vietnam, converging many of the leading designers and consultants in the world.

Many prestigious contractors

The Landmark 81 is designed and built by the leading contractors in the world. In particular, the Atkins Group consults the designs of the tower, the EDSA Group is in charge of landscape garden design; the Arup Group, the Aurecon Group consult the designs of the electrical system and the fire protection system; the Mace Group manages and supervises the project; The Benoy Group is responsible for the interior of the commercial center, … Owning the frontage of more than 1 kilometer of Saigon River with a 14-hectare riverside park, the Landmark 81 in particular and the Vinhomes Central Park in general will bring a level of living in a green, cool, spacious environment and open with nature.

Read more investment information at: Vietnam Property Investment

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