12 Experience Inorder Not To Buy The Wrong Apartment

Choosing a good apartment is not easy for first time homebuyers and anyone who has ever had a home buying experience.

Besides the selling price of an apartment and location, there are many other important factors buyers need to keep in mind not to buy the wrong one. Vietnam real estate would like to introduce 12 apartment purchasing experiences by we specialists in the course of trading hundreds of different projects.

Experience 1: Determine suitable area / location

Before choosing to buy an apartment, you should ask this question in your head: “Is the location of the apartment building really convenient for living, traveling and working?” This problem sometimes depends on the financial potential of each individual. According to we analysis, the segment of apartments under VND 1 billion is located in far away from the city center. However, looking to buy a flat in a position relative to the price “soft” is not too difficult. Buyers need to reconcile the three elements of location, needs and budget to be able to choose the right apartment.

Experience when buying a condo

Placement is an important factor determining the remaining factors as well as the price of the apartment

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Also, note the traffic around the apartment you are considering. Come to the roads you will move a lot and observe during peak hours whether traffic conditions here are too bad, there are many trucks, containers moving or not. Do not forget to question your investor or broker about upcoming transportation infrastructure projects that address mobility issues.

Experience 2: Investor competency check

Experience when buying a condo

A good investor will guarantee the quality of the apartment

One of the first things apartment buyers should know is the name and capacity of the owner. Be sure to look for the “owner of the property” for investor information as well as the projects the investor has previously implemented. A well-known investor will ensure the quality of project completion, legal status and construction progress. In addition, each owner has a style of planning, design and motto to develop their own products. Buyers should make sure that they thoroughly investigate these factors.

In addition to investor information, you should also check more information on contractors, design units, supervisory and management units … All these steps are very simple with just a few minutes of searching on the Internet.

Experience 3: Determine whether internal or external facilities meet the demand

Experience when buying a condo

Good apartments have to come with in-house facilities

When choosing to buy an apartment, you should also pay attention to the internal and external utility around the apartment you are buying. These factors seem small and often overlooked when considering choosing a condo with the thought of “having good or not is okay”. However, up to 60% of shoppers said that this is an important point that directly affects the family’s daily life and regrets not taking into consideration this factor. Determine what you need to focus on in the future is the education of your children or the health care centers for the elderly in your home. Then find out in a radius of 1km – 5km there are shopping areas, markets, supermarkets, schools or hospitals, which is something that your family needs to use often.

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Experiment 4: Determine how many basements in the basement.

Experience when buying a condo

Are you sure you will not be frustrated when you return after hard work day but can not send car in the apartment?

The basement of the apartment is one of the important factors that you should find out. On average, every household has at least two motorbikes. Some households have one or two cars. Therefore, when buying an apartment, the owner of a car garage that does not have the capacity to accommodate the density of the apartment / density of the residents can bring nuisances during their stay.

One of the indicators we experts often consider to calculate the storage capacity is the vehicle per capita ratio. At present, most of the apartments in HCMC have a relatively low rate, under 1. One of the rare projects that we recorded a high rate of up to 1.5 per person is the Thu Thiem New City project. This project is located in front of Mai Chi Tho street, adjacent to Dai Quang Minh Sala area and only 10 minutes to move to District 1.

Experience 5: If selected, should choose the middle floor apartment

Experience when buying a condo

Mid-tier apartments are a good choice for price and travel

If you buy an apartment on the lower floors of your apartment, you will probably suffer dirt or noise disturbance, even mosquitoes. Choosing an apartment on a higher floor will cause inconvenience in traveling and the price is high, sometimes it is difficult to escape; and visibility is not likely to be the best So, we advice is to choose an apartment from floors 7 to 15.

Experience 6: Choose apartments far away from the garbage dump and elevator area

Experience when buying a condo

The apartment should not lie near the lift area

An apartment building has many apartments and is located in many different locations. When choosing an apartment, you should choose accommodations located far away from the garbage collection and the elevator area of the building  to limit stink from the garbage or noise when  residents move in the elevator area. In addition, you should choose the corner to take advantage of the ventilation of both sides of the building.

Discover the best corners available on in Distric.

Experience 7: Avoid facing the front door to the opposite house

Experience when buying a condo

The main door of the apartment should not face the front door

If the main door of the apartment is directly facing the door opposite, then certainly when opening the door you will feel quite inconvenient. Sometimes this is also annoying to the opposite house, not just your home. In addition, this is also a bad element in Feng Shui if you are a follower of this science.

Experience 8: If possible, buy an apartment with 2 toilets and 2 or more bedrooms

Experience when buying a condo

Choose an apartment with two bedrooms, two toilets

This is one of the factors that you should consider when choosing to buy an apartment. In the case of an apartment with two bedrooms and two or more toilets, it is unquestionable that the reception of guests to your home is no longer a problem for your family. In addition, this is also a way to prevent one of two toilets broken unexpectedly.

Experience 9: Priority apartment where any room also has windows

Experience when buying a condo

The rooms in the apartment should have windows

When the design of each room has windows, it is likely that the air in the room will be circulated more easily, contributing to creating a fresh environment, airy and full of life.

This is also a factor to assess whether the owner really thinks about the experience of the residents of his project as well as their design capabilities. One of the projects we appreciated in design and application was the Diamond Island project with honeycomb structure. At the same time, the Bahamas Tower (which possesses a view of the Bitexco logo, the whole city center of Saigon and the Saigon River) has an optimal design, all the extra bedrooms and even the bathrooms have glass doors to take advantage of his unique beautiful vision.

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Experience 10: Priority apartment with balcony

Experience when buying a condo

Plus points for apartment with balcony

The space of the balcony has a modest but very useful space that few people notice. They will be the ideal place to relax in the early morning or late evening, which makes use of space for family as well as ideal reading.

Experience 11: Notice the number of flats on one floor and the number of elevators of the building

The number of units on the same floor will reflect the density of residents and the privacy of residents in the project. Vietnam real estate notes that the number of 8 apartments on one floor is the current standard number of high-end apartments. However, if the apartment you are considering is denser, look at the design and layout of the owner to choose the best, most private space for himself and his family.

Experience when buying a condo

Condominium should have many lifts

At the same time, consider the number of elevators in a building. For tall buildings, lifts are extremely important because all residents use them. Peak times from 7 to 9 am and 17 to 19 pm are peak hours for residents. Therefore, carefully consider the number of elevators and number of flats in the project to ensure that the elevator density can be used for everyone in the same building during peak hours. New apartments are usually between 3 and 6 lifts, including a ladder in a tower. Also, should care about the quality of the elevator.

Experience 12: Add points to the buildings with 2 escape stairs

Experience when buying a condo

Escape stairs are very important when living in the apartment building

The last important experience is that you are better off choosing one of two apartment esplanades, next to the elevator. Escalators are of little interest to them, but they are very useful in the event of a fire or unexpected accident.

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