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Assessing The Valora Kikyo Nam Long Villa Project In District 9

Valora Kikyo Nam Long

Valora Kikyo Residence has officially been sold by Nam Long Corporation in December 2016. Let’s join us to analyze and assess the details of the Valora Kikyo Villa project before you decide to buy it.

Being the first co-production with partners in Japan, Nam Long has named the Flora Kikyo project, the national flower of Japan, the following part of the name is the Fuji Blossom for the immortal love with the Fuji Residence project consisting of two main products: the Flora Kikyo Apartment and the Valora Kikyo Villa.

Following the above projects, Nam Long has named the new project “Kikyo”, the flower symbolizing the “immortal love” with the Kikyo Residence project through the products such as Kikyo Townhouses, Ehome S Apartment and Flora Kikyo Residences Apartment.

Valora Kikyo Nam Long
Perspective of Valora Kikyo Nam Long villa in central district 9

The following information is the review of the Valora Kikyo Residence Nam Long project that attracts the most buyers in central District 9.

The experience of Nam Long investor

Nam Long has successfully developed many projects in Saigon. District 9 has the features of the garden land and field, so the soil is not high and very hard, many commercial townhouse and villa projects in that area will result in cracks and subsidence if they are not well built, or some soil condition in the area, then the owners will spend a lot of money to strengthen the house from this situation.

Understanding these factors together with the experience of Nam Long Corporation and the Japanese nature of the Japanese partners, the Valora Kikyo project has been put into operation and built to overcome the subsidence and cracking factors.

Perhaps everyone will know that Japan is one of the countries affected the most by the earthquakes, so they have a lot of experience in building the works and consider the earthquakes, so the subsidence and the cracks are just the minor issues.

The Valora Kikyo commercial townhouse and villa project bring a new vitality, a new experience to customers with the style of Japanese design as the icon of the cherry blossom, the symbol of Mount Fuji in decorating the interior with the hallway outside to create the living space extremely friendly, harmonious and close to nature.

Residents of the Valora Kikyo commercial townhouse and villa project will live in Japanese lifestyle

Valora Kikyo Nam Long
Each fluke fuji apartment area is from 54m2 to 67m2. The apartments are fully utilized to the maximum area and streamlined to remain spacious and neat.

The Flora Fuji apartment areas are from 54sqm to 67sqm. The apartments are fully utilized to the maximum area and streamlined spaciously and neatly.

As every house of the Japanese, nature is an integral part of living space in Flora Fuji. More than 70% of the area of the apartments is covered with the green area and closed facilities such as BBQ, swimming pools, outdoor sports grounds, coffee areas, commercial areas, kindergartens…

In addition, the cooperation with two prestigious Japanese companies Nishi Nippon Railroad and Hankyu Realty, the security in the isolated residential area will make customers choose Flora Fuji in District 9 to be their ideal home.

What about the traffic in Flora Kikyo?

The traffic from the Valora Kikyo to the other districts is very convenient and easy, only 5-10 minutes to the center, Thu Thiem is one of the biggest highlights of the Valora Kikyo.

The value of the villa is confirmed through the habitat

In Valora Kikyo, you will be living in the most comfortable space filled with the fresh light and very cool air when surrounding areas of the project are many lakes, clay ditches and the luxury villas Valencia put into operation, which creates the clean living environment.

The sale price of the Valora fuji villas and the Flora Fuji apartments are highly competitive

Valora Kikyo Nam Long
More than 70% of the area of the apartments is covered with a green area with closed facilities such as BBQ, swimming pool, outdoor sports grounds, coffee area, commercial area, kindergarten …

Currently, the project is designed with two main products: the Valora Fuji Villa and Flora Fuji Apartment.

The villa has about 90 apartments ranging from 169sqm to 195sqm, selling at about $1081/sqm.

The apartment is designed including two blocks. There are about 400 apartments for each block at the price of $706 – $794/sqm (meaning that with only about $39,730 you can own a high-quality Japanese apartment).

Compared to the neighborhood projects in District 9, the prices of the Flora Kikyo are much softer, which is the important factor that you should invest immediately in Flora Kikyo.

The goal of the investor is to direct customers to the best quality and the least risky products on the market today because the investor is based on the profit of the customer, so the customer is profitable, the investor benefits.

The Valora Kikyo project is the last piece in the Nam Long Urban Area and also a highly valued product meeting the highest standard of the corporation ever.

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Assessing The Valora Kikyo Nam Long Villa Project In District 9

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