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Buy Saigon Gateway Apartment Should You Or Should Not?

What are the characteristics of Saigon Gateway Apartments? Why buying Saigon Gateway apartment to live is a wise decision instead of buying an apartment in other projects in the same area?

If you are looking for a project that offers the right real estate products for long-term stay, we recommend you learn more about Saigon Gateway Apartment. It is one of the projects that are highly appreciated due to the living environment, utilities and potential for price increases.

Many experts suppose that buying Saigon Gateway apartment for the living is the wisest decision. Of course, we just talk about where to settle, not to analyze the issue of surfing or long-term investment. Therefore, when asserting Saigon Gateway Apartment is a place to live, it does not mean that investment here is lower.

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Saigon Gateway apartment is a great place to live in the center of Saigon:

Saigon is a land of flowers, crowded with people as the old saying that the ancients have described. Every inch of this city is worth billions. This is why many people who want to have a sustainable home in Saigon all feel difficult.

However, since the eastern part of Ho Chi Minh City has been expanded and invested in many modern infrastructure items, District 9 has quickly “peeled” and became a fertile land for citizens, especially those from other provinces. A lot of developers have exploited real estate in this area and bring urban living space with a very soft price.

Among the apartments in District 9, Saigon Gateway apartment is highly appreciated and is creating a real estate fever that stands out in District 9. Thanks to possession of the right large facade Song Hanh road, Saigon Gateway Apartment directly connects to Hanoi Highway and is located near Mai Chi Tho Street and District 9 Industrial Park. This project promises to increase price continuously over time. If you need to change the living environment to be classier, you can easily liquidate when you buy apartments in the project to live.

Saigon Gateway Apartment
The location of Saigon Gateway Apartment is extremely convenient in terms of traffic and transportation

In addition to the favorable location, Saigon Gateway also received a lot of praise for the design, interior and exterior facilities. With a density construction of only 33% of the total area, the rest of the area at Saigon Gateway is for the convenience and green area. If you stay here, you do not need to worry about anything, no need to fear pollution, traffic jams or dust because of the green air purify the air, regulate the climate in the area.

Being planned separately, Saigon Gateway apartment is committed to ensuring absolute security for property, health and life of the residents. With 3 special protection classes, when you live here, you and your family members will not have to worry about any unforeseen events, no social evils, no bad people…

It can be said that Saigon Gateway apartment is the ideal place for Saigon residents to have a stable income level in the middle because the apartment price is only 57196,91 USD/sqm with a lot of policies to support loans, installments from investors.

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Choosing a Saigon Gateway apartment for the living is a wise decision:

Above is some basic information about the excellent living environment at the Saigon Gateway apartment project. Following this, we will give you more specific advice on living standards at Saigon Gateway to see why choosing this residence is a wise decision.

Firstly, when you choose Saigon Gateway, you will own a high-end apartment that is well-known for cheap rates. However, only after 1-2 years when the Metro line officially operates and many other infrastructure items complete, apartment prices in the project will increase rapidly. You can buy-in advance to rent, when needed, or live a time you can liquid if you want.

Secondly, Saigon Gateway apartment is located on the main road of Hanoi Highway so you can quickly move to any location. You can stay in Saigon Gateway and work, study in the city center. Especially, when the Metro system is complete, you can use this public transport.

Third, Saigon Gateway Apartment has been developed and invested strongly by local investors, with swimming pool, kindergarten, playground, supermarket, gym, spa…. to help residents enjoy the best of modern life.

With the specific analysis above, Saigon Gateway apartment is really the ideal living place that many people dream of. If you have any questions about this project, you can contact us for more consultation.


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Buy Saigon Gateway Apartment Should You Or Should Not?

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