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The Prominent Features Of Saigon Gateway District 9

Saigon Gateway project

What is the attraction of Saigon Gateway project? Let’s explore the special features of the Saigon Gateway project in District 9 together with Vietnam Real Estate.

Sai Gon Gateway project in District 9 is a high-class apartment building that built by Dat Xanh Group investor. Since its launch, the project has attracted many customer’s interests. Thanks to the outstanding features different to other projects that Saigon Gateway is considered as one of the best real estate projects in the real estate market in district 9 as well as in the area of Ho Chi Minh City.

The prominent location of Saigon Gateway Project District 9

Thanks to the planning and development policy of the city in recent years, District 9 has been deployed to build a lot of modern infrastructures. Many residents of the center area also want to move to out-of-town districts because they want to get away from crowded life. Therefore, many people have now moved to District 9 where will have potential development in the near future. Sai Gon Gateway project is also built to meet the increasing living needs of District 9.

Sai Gon Gateway project in District 9 is located on the front of Song Hanh Street, Hanoi Highway, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. This is the main road connecting to all areas of the city and other provinces. Residents living in Saigon Gateway can easily go to neighboring districts within a few minutes of driving. The location of the project can also connect quickly to Tan Son Nhat International Airport and East Station.

 Saigon Gateway Project
The Saigon Gateway Project has a convenient connection location

In the future, the Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien subway line which is located near Saigon Gateway, will be put into operation to make it easier to move to the city center without having to worry about the problems of traffic jam or rain.

The location of the project is also considered one of the busiest areas of the city. Therefore, there are many outstanding utilities around the project that meet the needs of people.

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Luxurious and subtle design at Sai Gon Gateway District 9

One of the things that get customer’s attention to one project is the design. A perfect project has not only prominent location but also has the unique and classy design and the facilities that meet the needs of the people. In the current real estate market, the more high-end apartment projects grow, the more competition between apartments increase. Understanding these issues, the investor of Saigon Gateway has focused on the design that is both aesthetic and also convenient for residents living here.

For other projects, the investor usually focuses on the infrastructure without paying attention to the green space and utility of the project. However, for Saigon Gateway project, Dat Xanh Group has spent more than 67% of the total area to build an airy tree area. In addition, there are great facilities meeting the needs of every household. The investor wants to give customers a modern, civilized and fresh living environment, which will help them enjoy the best life.

The apartments in Saigon Gateway District 9 are also designed in an extremely luxurious and subtle manner. For the purpose of building a green living environment, the apartments here are designed as airy as possible and made the most of the light and the wind in the house. Not only that, the interior of the apartment is also equipped with the most modern and luxurious equipment. Residents of Saigon Gateway can be completely assured of the apartments’ quality.

 Saigon Gateway Project District 9
The swimming pool of Saigon Gateway Project District 9

The attractive price of Saigon Gateway Apartment Building District 9

Not only owning the outstanding features but Sai Gon Gateway project also attracts customers by attractive price. Only selling at $1.1 thousand/sqm, Sai Gon Gateway is considered one of the projects having the best price in the East City. Because of the rapid development, the price of land in district 9 also increased, on average about $1.3 thousand/sqm. Therefore, the price of Sai Gon Gateway is very competitive. The object that the project tends toward is the intelligentsia, so young households can easily own an apartment here.

At the same time, with the support of Vietinbank, customers will also receive a loan up to 70% of an apartment value to help them reach apartments in Sai Gon Gateway.

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Should invest in Sai Gon Gateway apartment in District 9?

The answer is yes. Because real estate market in District 9 is currently causing fever and the demand of people is increasing, so the investment in apartment Saigon Gateway you will not have to worry about the problem of loss. If you do not want to buy an apartment for living, you can rent or invest in the apartment.

Saigon Gateway District 9 is located near the high-tech zone with a favorable location to move to the central area of the city, so the demand for rent is very large. You will not have to worry about lacking customer.

If customers want to own apartments for the purpose of buying and selling again, this is one of the high-end apartment projects quite good in the real estate market in the East. Current supply is quite strong, demand for apartments in this segment is very large. Clients are mostly young households who work in hi-tech parks or young people, so the choice of an apartment that connects to the city center easily will be prioritized.

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