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Carava Nha Trang – Attractive Investment Channel In 2017

Carava Cam Ranh Nha Trang

Carava Cam Ranh Nha Trang With 2 Types Of Condotel And Holiday Villas Promises To Be Explosive Real Estate Investment Channel Giving Attractive Profit During 2017.

Currently, the field of real estate investment is very hot and dynamic. Therefore, investment in land projects or apartment projects is not new to investors, but rather resort real estate projects with two product lines are based on the “Condotel hotel” and the “Boutique Hotel” mini-hotel are becoming a trend.

The interesting point is that both lines of this resort show that the attractiveness of the market is due to high profitability and stability as well as commitment to profit very attractive from the owner’s investment.

What is Condotel? Is it worth the money to invest in it?

Carava Cam Ranh Nha Trang
Overall condotel project, villas at project Carava Cam Ranh, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa province

About the Condotel apartment model, this is a combination of apartments and hotels. The Condotel has a number of distinct advantages over conventional apartments, such as its location in potential tourist areas where professional operators manage to enjoy all amenities, services, travel, entertainment … The main attraction of the condotel is that it is operated in the form of a share of profits (timeshare). For investors, this is a very new product line, which is very potential in Vietnam. Therefore, the expectations for the increase are very high.

Sunrise Bay Novaland Da Nang officially opened in the fourth quarter of 2016

Condotel Carava belongs to project Carava Resort Cam Ranh Nha Trang – a potential real estate projects and most typical today.

Carava Resort Cam Ranh Nha Trang has been attracting the interest of real estate investors since its launch. It has many advantages of the project as well as its outstanding, prominence and especially the chapter. The investor’s commitment to profit is very satisfactory.

Carava Cam Ranh Nha Trang
Luxury interior at condotel Carava Resort Nha Trang

Located right at the center of Bai Dai Beach, about 25km from Nha Trang and 5km from Cam Ranh Airport, Carava Resort has a prime location and is extremely convenient to attract visitors with various travel services.

Carava Resort group owned by Carava Resort Limited in Hoan Cau Group as an investor is a complex resort with many modern conveniences and most class is built on land area of 22, 62 hectares.

Owning restaurant, hotel, entertainment club, pool, landscaping, spa, tennis court, children playground… Carava Resort is a combination of space between modern architecture and endless natural beauty in Bai Dai.

Condotel Carava is unique and outstanding

Along with the condominium resort, Condotel Carava is the most important works, focused investment, attention to design and construction of the most perfect.

Condotel Carava consists of 198 condotel apartments including 25 apartments (56 sqm) and 173 apartments (78 sqm) built into 6 blocks with 4 floors to create a spacious, quiet and peaceful space without crowd, as busy as the buildings in the city.

Carava Cam Ranh Nha Trang
Condotel Carava is located right on the sea, Carava Resort is the only project that does this now.

The most distinctive and attractive of Condotel Carava is that it is located right on the sea, Carava Resort is the only project that can do this. Guests are just steps away from the sea, enjoy the charming winds and clear fresh water of one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. This is a great advantage showing the superior level of Condotel Carava with 30 other resort projects in Bai Dai Beach when at least the resort apartments are also a beach road.

Located in the luxury resort Carava Resort, guests will enjoy the green environment in harmony with the environment, letting the soul relax in nature, forget the bustling, noisy and dusty in the city. And one thing is for sure, condominium clients at Condotel Carava Resort are always using all of the most modern facilities at Carava Resort, including restaurants, beach clubs, bars, gyms, spas, lakes Swimming, canal system, BBQ, … which brings customers the most comfortable and wonderful vacation.

The design and interior are extremely classy but also extremely harmonious with the nature of Condotel Carava

The Condotel Carava apartment has an air-conditioned design that creates a sense of well-being and has a beautiful sea view balcony with white sand. Besides, it is a reasonable arrangement, harmony between architectural space to optimize the use area but still very prominent with green architecture in harmony with nature. The living room is designed extremely luxurious, harmony between the natural motifs. In addition, the bedrooms are designed in a spacious studio style, though only 50 square meters in warm and subtle colors.

Investing in Condotel Carava receives the most varied and profitable offers

Condotel Carava Resort should be chosen because:

– The project owner has pledged a return of 12% over 8 years, while supporting investment opportunities with a 70% real estate loan package over a 20-year period. Bank Guarantee: South Asia Bank

– Price cheaper than the surrounding market, Condotel price: From 96810 USD/ unit (VAT included).

– A 6-star mansion near the sea and next to the golf course

– Handled all furniture according to standard 4*.

– Preferential use 15 nights free per year

The attractive profit potential of Condotel Carava: in Nha Trang, the large number of tourists makes the rate of occupancy is always high. This is important to ensure the potential profitability of the Condotel condos. In addition, the advantage of beautiful natural scenery and synchronous infrastructure that visitors to Condotel Carava are willing to pay high room rates, it is the potential for a remarkable price increase.

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Carava Nha Trang – Attractive Investment Channel In 2017

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