Dispute Situations Are Easy To Occur When Buying Or Selling Houses

Most housing transactions are pushed up to a dispute level because of a sudden legal inconvenience, so it’s important to refer to typical situations in which risk can be avoided, according to Caselaw Vietnam.

This unit explains, generally, that when a dispute arises, the parties may themselves agree or take action to court for settlement. If the case is brought to court but can not be resolved, the court will issue a judgment for arbitration based on documents and presented by related parties.

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Based on real estate disputes in the Vietnamese market, Case law classifies and presents 20 specific situations frequently encountered to assist real estate sellers which they can forecast risks when real estate transactions.

Things to note when buying and selling a home

Buyers should note 20 common dispute situations when buying and selling real estate

  1. The seller of the home suddenly died during the performance of the purchase contract.
  2. The selling house increased the selling price compared to the previously agreed price.
  3. The homeowner has sold the house and completed the procedure with the buyer, but the real estate tenant refused to hand over to the buyer.
  4. The authorized person is not duly authorized to sell the property because it is deemed to have lost the capacity for civil acts.
  5. The landlord has sold the property and completed the procedure with the buyer but the person, living in the house, does not hand over to the buyer.
  6. The seller and the buyer cancel the agreement and the house purchase deposit contract.
  7. Investor slow to hand over the house and change the design arbitrarily.
  8. The seller does not guarantee the ownership to sell the house under common ownership.
  9. The house is sold when still mortgaged at the bank.
  10. The home buyer thinks that there are no conditions to sell the home (no guarantee of ownership …)
  11. The seller is forced or unwilling to sell real estate.

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  1. The seller has just mortgaged his or her home at the bank, selling the asset to the buyer.
  2. The seller stole the house papers for sale.
  3. The seller does not complete the procedures for transferring the ownership of the house to the buyer, which is suspended by the People’s Committee for issuance of a certificate of ownership and land use rights.
  4. Husband willingly sells a house that is property owned by the husband and wife.
  5. The parties sign a false home dealing contract for information.
  6. The seller sells the property because it is going abroad.
  7. Buyers claim that the home sold is not as large as the original agreement.
  8. Selling land and housing without being the legal owner.
  9. The seller is forced to sell the property.

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