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Experiencing The Luxurious Utilities In Victoria Village

Victoria Village Apartment not only benefits from full external utilities. Be with us experiencing the luxurious internal utilities here.

Novaland is associated with well-known brands in terms of luxury and class for the elite. With Victoria Village in District 2, the investors also follow the principles that they have pursued so far: promoting products for high-end customers. Therefore, Victoria Village in District 2 is also invested in the full range of excellent utilities.

Finding out about the internal amenities and available amenities that Victoria Village District 2 has, so you will not feel wasted time. Please refer to the following information below:

  1. Experiencing internal amenities with international standards in Victoria Village in District 2

As a product line in the B+ segment, Victoria Village in District 2 has been the very well-methodical investment and almost synchronized with previous projects. If many investors of B+ real estate segment projects focus solely on developing the product and selling profitably, Novaland is completely different.

This prestigious real estate corporation is still “loyal” to the principle that it is creating the luxurious living space and getting residents’ satisfaction as the guideline. Although Victoria Village in District 2 was “born” later and appeared while the real estate in District 9 has been very hot, the investor still not far from the principle: not to build a lot of products to business and focus on investment to complete utilities, so that the quality commensurate with the amount that customers have trusted out.

Specifically, the system of facilities in Victoria Village in District 2 is highly appreciated as a small city filled with amusement parks and even fresh green areas including:

  • The super-wide semi-circular swimming pool (area of 750sqm) with clear blue water, a place to relieve the feeling of heat and do physical fitness for residents.
  • Green square and green park with an area of 5000sqm: bringing natural environment and fresh air to the inner Victoria Village in District 2. Living in this project, residents will be experienced the peaceful environment like the countryside filled with grass and flowers.
  • Children will have their own amusement park, including outdoor and indoor with all the attractive modern games as well as traditional ones. This is truly an ideal living paradise for the young people – the preschool of the country. And of course, adults will also have their own personal relaxation space.
  • Outdoor BBQ is the place for family members gather to enjoy food and talk together on a spare weekend. If you do not like free outdoor BBQ, you can also go to the restaurant area, the café stores for experiencing and relaxing.

In addition, Victoria Village in District 2 also has two floors for the shophouse, supermarket … You need shopping, just come here and sell the products without going away. In Victoria Village in District 2, the gymnasium, sports and spa facilities are well-designed, so the most popular amenities of modern life are all available in Victoria Village in District 2.

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  1. Series of the external amenities in Victoria Village in District 2

Customers are always interested in the internal utilities, but the external utilities, despite not the most important factor, are also the top criteria for assessing the real estate products.

Compared with other projects in District 2, Victoria Village gets 10 marks. Just looking at the location in the center of the intersection of the main roads where the project is implemented, you may also find the value of the available utilities here.

Victoria Village Novaland District 2
Utilities outside Victoria Village Novaland District 2

Located on the busy four-lane frontage and in near future, another road formed … Too obvious to see the full range of facilities in this area. A number of attractive amenities such as schools, shopping centers, supermarkets, markets, hospitals, parks… are close to Victoria Village in District 2, just only far from 1 to 2 kilometers radius proved this statement.

If you have time to visit the project directly and take a tour around this area, you will feel all utilities. Some of the nearest facilities include Phuc An Khang Hospital, AIS International School, Rach Chiec Sports Complex, Mega Mall – Parkson …

Above are some basic analyses of utilities in Victoria Village in District 2. If you are interested in this project and need more information related to this or would like more advice on the purpose of use or investment, please contact us for support.

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Experiencing The Luxurious Utilities In Victoria Village

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