Assessments Of Victoria Village Project From The Property Specialists

How is the Victoria Village Novaland District 2 project assessed by the property specialists? Let us find out the user reviews from them for you.

Victoria Village Novaland project in District 2 is the project that Novaland Group is very focused on. This urban area is considered from the smallest and the simplest details by the investors. It is located near the Saigon River and on the intersection of the 4 largest roads in Thanh My Loi Ward in the center of District 2, which has brought a lot of utilities for the apartment in transportation infrastructure and facilities around the apartment as well to bring to the civilized living environment for residents here and meet the needs of human life. Therefore, the Victoria Village Apartment project is highly appreciated by many property specialists.

Highly appreciated for the prominent location of Victoria Village Apartment project in District 2

The project has the nice position when being located in the administrative center of District 2 and on the main roads of 4 large developing roads of District 2: Dong Van Cong Street with the length of 60 meters, Truong Van Bang Street with the length of 40 meters, Lam Quang Ky Street with the length of 25 meters and Nguyen Mong Tuan Street with a length of 12 meters.

The project has beautiful view and ventilation because the Victoria Village Apartment area does not have many high-rise apartment projects around and from the location of the apartment, you can see the Saigon River at the distance of about 500 meters.

In the near future, Victoria Village Apartment in District 2 will be inherited the modern transport infrastructure because Thanh My Loi area in District 2 is being invested and developed in traffic and large overpass in Ho Chi Minh City. This will be a great development for Thanh My Loi in particular and District 2 of the city in general. As a result, residents can easily move to neighboring districts for very short time:

  • It only takes 15 minutes to move to District 1 when moving along Dong Van Cong Street and then going through Mai Chi Tho Street to arrive in.
  • It also takes about 15 minutes to move to District 7 when going through Dong Van Cong Street and passing Phu My Bridge to get in.
  • Moving to the High-tech industrial zone in District 9 only takes about 10 minutes to arrive in.

The special thing about the apartments in District 2 of Thanh My Loi in comparison with other projects in the city is that these apartment projects are the focus of many investors because there are many beautiful lands but not yet exploited here. Besides, the transport infrastructure here has also been greatly improved by moving the line of container cars into Cat Lai Port on Pham Van Dong Street to Vanh Dai 2 (now known as Vo Chi Cong Street), which helps the traffic system on these roads are more open. This is the premise for the development of Thanh My Loi in near future.

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Positive assessments of the design of the Victoria Village Apartment in District 2

Victoria Village Apartment project is invested and developed by Novaland Group and it will bring residents in Ho Chi Minh City a comfortable and modern urban area with 1,044 luxurious apartments within a framework of over 4.27 hectares. The apartment complex meets all the needs of customers with the design of a variety of apartments ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms with the specific areas as follows:

One-bedroom apartment: (area of 52.8sqm) suitable for those who live alone or newlywed couples because of the airy space it brings.

Two-bedroom apartment: (areas from 69sqm to 73sqm) suitable for families with 3 to 4 members or more.

Three-bedroom apartment: (area of 88sqm) suitable for families with many generations living together.

Victoria Village

Ground Victoria Village Apartments Novaland District 2

The Victoria Village is also designed the apartments, townhouses and villas separately. The whole project has 27 adjacent townhouses, 16 villas independent of other apartments and 49 duplex villas, the remaining as apartments. The investors and customers highly appreciate the unique design of this project. Bringing each apartment here a large space, the natural rays of the sun from the outside and the beauty of the whole city at night, this project will help you relax after stress and promise to be an ideal place with many unique designs and facilities in each apartment.

With objective assessments of the Victoria Village Novaland Apartment project in District 2 from the property specialists, there has been a lot of positive feedback on the apartments from customers. Come to the luxurious apartments located in Thanh My Loi Ward to own a perfect living space for both location and facilities inside and outside the apartments.

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