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Harmona Apartment: HCMC People’s Committee reassures the residents

Harmona Apartment: HCMC People's Committee reassures the residents

“The general view of Ho Chi Minh City is to protect the interests of people who have fulfilled their financial obligations to investors. The residents are secure because TP will participate in processing so as not to affect the legitimate interests of the people.

On May 30, Mr. Vo Van Hoan, Chief of the Office of the City People’s Committee, affirmed the above when talking about the situation that some apartment investors have sold apartments but still “plug” red paper at the bank (most recently is the case in Harmona Apartment – PV).

According to Mr. Hoan, in these cases, the bank must be jointly responsible. “The bank must be responsible for supervising lending assets, supervising investors and monitoring capital sources in the lending process,” Hoan emphasized.

In connection with the bankruptcy of the Harmon apartment, Mr. Hoan suggested that BIDV Bank leaders consider the responsibilities of the subordinate bank. Because BIDV Bank of Northern Sai Gon Branch has mortgaged the loan without managing the project.

Mr. Hoan said: “BIDV Bank of Northern Saigon said that asking for investors to transfer apartments while hundreds of households are living is impossible but still writing, causing confusion for people. This is not a good idea. “

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