Helios Tower: Violates The Contract Of Sale, Construction Illegally

Not yet satisfied dream home, hundreds of households at Helios Tower Apartment (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) have to live in worry, unsafe because of a series of mistakes of investors in this project.

It is known that the project of commercial office and apartment supermarkets for sale Helios Tower address 75 Nguyen Tam Trinh, Mai Dong Ward (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) invested by NHS Investment JSC. The project has been handed over to customers from the end of 2016. However, since the day of receiving the house, residents always have to live in urgent situation, worry about the safety of life by worshiping, wrongfully committed by the owner invest.

Investor breach of purchase contract?

According to the petition of NHS Investment Construction JSC sent to the Chairman of the City People’s Committee. Ha Noi Nguyen Duc Chung of Helios Tower apartment owner, the owner broke the contract with the residents. Specifically, handed over the apartment when not qualified, put the project into use when not refunded which based on the purchase contract, delivery time for residents is scheduled in the fourth quarter of 2016 but the owner Private property is allowed to be handed over 6 months from the above time and pay an interest rate of 1.5% per month for residents on the amount paid.

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However, to cope with the slow handover and avoid paying interest, while the technical infrastructure system of the building is not complete, the NHS has “forced” the residents to sign a commitment to accept housing early when not safe enough.

Specifically, customers have received home from the end of December 2016 with the status of the construction site is still widespread, internal road infrastructure is not completed, the entire first floor is still facing stone, basement has not finished construction, electricity/water system is improving and so on.

On April 9th, there was an incident of the waste water pipe that flooded the entire B1 tunnel and overflowed into the B2 tunnel. Next, on April 28, the roof water overflowed the entire Tower B and overflowed the entire tower B tower system, affecting the quality of the apartment handed over.

Helios Tower Apartment

A series of offenses committed by residents focused on banner banners protested June 6

In particular, the system of fire prevention and fighting continues to be repaired patchwork. Fake fire alarms are constantly occurring, while some small fires in the garbage are not detected by the system.

As noted by the reporters, early June 2017, the work is still doing the construction work and finishing the remaining items such as road paint, slope system tunnel, drainage main axis. The whole playground for young children, the resort area for the elderly is not NHS construction as committed, etc.

Wrong construction permit

According to the approved design, from the 1st to 4th floor the building is used as a commercial center, rental service, swimming pool and gym. However, the observed observation shows that the third and fourth floors of the towers A and B have been divided into apartment apartments by investors.

In addition, the investor has also opened all residential elevator doors into the 3rd, 4th floor to serve the apartments for the “transformer” mentioned above.

In particular, the investor also “blatantly” build more 4A floor (an extra commercial story compared to GPXD granted: only 4 commercial floors) without the approval of the authorities and do not consult residents.

In addition to the design changes, over-floor construction, the owner also “allowed” the encroached space for common use space for private use.

Specifically, at floor 20B, the apartment encroached the common corridor, built back to the toilet. The owner of the 1,2,3,4 apartment has a 35-story ceiling, which rises from the 1-meter roof terrace to renovate the indoor space into a dome.

Remarkably, on May 20, at the dialogue with the residents of the building, the investor has acknowledged such issues as “build more” floor 4A, adjust the building on the 35B floor is not as required. Approved design. The NHS said it was “finalizing the paperwork to get permission,” and confirmed that the “transformer” apartment system was the office system.

Helios Tower Apartment

The investor for building solid brick, pouring concrete into technical mezzanine, wrong with the contents of the construction permit

In addition, residents also “agent” investors about the shortcomings, weaknesses in the management of the operation of the building. Residents “forced” to pay a one-year service apartment fee at the price of 26, 4 cents per square meter per month. However, during the last 6 months, Hanoi Investment Development and Property Management Company – Hadreamco (unit appointed by the owner) has caused the residents urgent because of poor management quality.

“Hadreamco does not offer a specific, operational procedure. Apartment security is loose, parking is arbitrary, dirty sanitation, etc. We have repeatedly written a proposal to the management of the building and the owner but the situation is still not improved, “the great Provisional Board of Management said.

The persistent contact was not solved, residents have sent a request for rescue to the authorities Hanoi city, Ministry of Construction under the proposed content: comprehensive inspection of the project; canceled the whole proposed design adjustments, project adjustments; forcing investors to return the status of their works in accordance with the approved designs and ensure the safety of their inhabitants.

Previously, the People’s Committee of Mai Dong Ward has issued a notice requesting the immediate ceilings of construction on the 3rd floor, 4th floor, buildings A and B at Helios Tower.

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