Homyland 3 apartment in district 2

HomyLand 3 Apartment is a trademark of the Bao Son Homyland Group. This article shares information about the Homyland 3 apartment project in, hoping to help you in choosing the suitable apartment.


Currently, the traffic connection of HomyLand 3 apartment to the center is not so convenient when moving in two main directions.

Homyland 3 apartment

project location

+ By motorbike: Take Nguyen Duy Trinh – in the rush hour, the traffic pressure is quite high and the car moving slowly.

+ By car: Take the expressway 2km from the project – Go to the center of District 1, District 2, Binh Thanh District extremely fast.

With the fast speed of development in this area in the past year, Nguyen Duy Trinh Street was unable to withstand the sudden traffic pressure. However, the Song Hành Cao Tốc roads behind the project is under construction and is expected to be operational in 2017. With this route, residents in this area, as well as Homyland 3, will go to central District 1 within 15 minutes.

However, the area is rapidly growing due to the rapid urbanization of nearby urban areas including the Khang Dien cluster in Phu Huu area, especially the urban areas like Palm City, LakeView City located in the Nam Rach Chiec area or golf course of Him Lam. According to statistics, the price of apartments in this area in 3 years has increased by more than 7 million /sqm, the price fluctuated more than 2 million /sqm per year, the price of townhouse land almost doubled. With the potential location, as well as the current urban growth rate, real estate in the region will continue to increase in the coming time in the next two years the threshold for apartments in this area can be up to 30 million /sqm and stop.


Currently, the price of Homyland 3 apartment ranges from 25-28 million /sqm. With the HomyLand 3 project, the total area is from 2 to 3 bedrooms, so the total value of apartments is quite high. This price is derived from the following apartment projects such as Palm Heights of Palm City (about 32 million / sqm), or ceiling price increase of apartments in District 9 (currently about 20 million / sqm ). Along with the primary liquidity of adjacent projects such as LaAstoria 2 has sold. This price is the price for next year, the Song Hanh roads or urban areas such as Palm City, Lakeview City gradually formed.


The investor is Bao Son joint stock company of Construction – Transportation – Trading. For familiar customers, their assessment is considered a reputable investor in this segment. There are very few bad things about the quality of construction to the present time. With good sale and strong capital source, the construction progress of apartments are reached.

The HomyLand 1 & 2 projects have a utility system that works as soon as the inhabitants arrive. Utilities, especially the commercial center, are rapidly established to meet the needs of residents. You can fully experience the prestige of this investor, by visiting the 2 actual projects located right on Nguyen Duy Trinh just 2 kilometers from Homyland 3.

Information of project

homyland 3 apartment

Perspective of homyland 3 apartment project

Project scale: 31.318,17 sqm includes low-rise and high-rise buildings. Lower floors includes 20 villas and 35 commercial townhouses. High floors inludes 2 towers and 27 floors. Building density is 20%. Total number of apartments is 744 apartments. 1st floor is supermarket, commercial shophouse. 2nd floor is service area, community activities. 3rd floor is office, apartment. 4th floor to 26th floor is apartment.

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