Top 4 most beautiful urban areas in Vietnam today

In recent years, the appearance of urban areas in our country more and more investors. Because of that, talking about urban areas today, we are not only talking about the impression of modernity in the technical infrastructure, but also because of the beauty of the architecture of these urban areas. 

Let explore the most beautiful urban Vietnam today through the following content offline.

Vinh Son Ba Son urban area

The project of Vinhomes Ba Son urban area was invested by the famous investor Vingroup started construction. The project is located at 2 Ton Duc Thang District 1 – a position that is extremely expensive in the current context.

With beautiful architecture and planning area of ​​25.29 hectares, Vinh Son Ba Son is considered one of the most beautiful urban areas in Vietnam. At the same time, it is also located in the top of the largest urban area currently.

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Vinhomes Bason

Panoramic view of Vinhomes Bason

The only thing that Vinhomes Ba Son own is that beautiful vision. Vinhomes Ba Son stretches on the bank of the Saigon River. From here, you can zoom in through the park area as well as the central square or the new urban area in District 2. From here, you can see the Bitexco building, Ben Thanh area and the center.

District 1 as well as the zoo or the urban area of ​​Vinhomes Central Park.

Not only that, the architecture of Vinh Son Ba Son also makes us overwhelmed by modern design, luxury and prominence most Saigon. The project is divided into 4 subdivisions such as The Aqua, The Luxury or The Victoria …

With the investment, modern design, class in the future Vinhomes Ba Son is certainly not only the most beautiful urban Vietnam but also a world class urban.

Vinhomes Royal City

Vinhomes Royal City is also one of the most beautiful urban areas in Vietnam and is another project that Vingroup has invested. The project is located at the location is considered as a bridge between the inner city and the new development centers of Hanoi.

Vinhomes Royal City has an area of ​​130,000 square meters, of which 70,000 square meters is the highlight of the park. Not to stop there, Vinhomes Royal City impresses with architecture as a unique blend of Royal European architecture with sophisticated modern lines. This brings to this urban area a unique style of elegance and sophistication that bring modern beauty but still very luxurious. Because of that, Vinhomes Royal City is like a small European city right in the heart of the capital.


Great architecture, majestic of Vinhome Royal City

With the goal of becoming a multi-functional urban area, Royal City owns subdivisions such as hotels, high-end offices, commercial centers or Royal City apartments- the perfect area.

Although not the largest urban area in Vietnam today, the presence in the list of the most beautiful urban Vietnam is something completely worth the Vinhomes Royal City.

Eco Park urban area

Speaking of the largest urban areas in Vietnam, we can not fail to mention Eco Park. EcoPark scale up to nearly 500 hectares by the investor Vihajico investment construction.

With its convenient location near the heart of Hanoi and its neighboring provinces as well as many important transportation routes, Eco Park is considered as an ideal urban area.

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Eco Park

Green urban model Eco Park

The highlight of the urban Eco Park that is the harmonious combination between modern urban space and natural landscape. We can see that the owner of Vihajico has spent 109.09 hectares of land for trees and water to create a fresh environment, close to nature in a contemporary space context. This makes Eco Park the owner of the beauty that no other city has.

Wishing to make Eco Park a multifunctional city, an ideal living environment in the future, the project is developed into several phases and will meet the needs of recreation and recreation. , travel or housing needs …

Dragon City

Located in the southern area of ​​Saigon, Dragon City is an urban area is also considered one of the most beautiful urban Vietnam today.

 With an area of ​​65 hectares and a 7km frontage on Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Dragon City is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, adjacent to Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park and next to Phu My Hung urban area. This location is extremely favorable because this is a dynamic and developed area in Saigon.

Dragon City

Dragon City Phu My Hung District 7

Coming to Dragon City, you will enjoy the modern and synchronous technical infrastructure with exquisite architecture. Beside that, you will also be immersed into the space close to nature with park green, clear airy.

With high-end products and meeting all the functions and needs of the people, Dragon City is not only worthy of a typical urban area in Saigon South but also one of the capital. The most beautiful city in Vietnam for you to live.

 Recently we have explored four urban areas in the South and North of Vietnam in the list of the most beautiful urban Vietnam today. Hopefully with the information shared, you will get more choice for richer, more diverse when choosing an ideal place to live.

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