Real estate for rent in Ho Chi Minh City is the second most popular in the world

Real estate rental in Ho Chi Minh City has climbed to the top three in the world for opportunities to increase prices and keep the top two global potential growth.

HCMC real estate market is more attractive in the eyes of investors

In the latest edition of Savills’ latest report, Impacts: The Future of Global Real Estate, deputy chief executive of Savills Vietnam, Troy Griffiths, Positive signs of HCM City real estate market are more and more apparent on the map of the world.

Mr. Troy Griffiths said that the city has consistently reached the top real estate markets with the best performance in the world with many high positions on the chart. Specifically, Ho Chi Minh City ranked third in the world on the ability to increase the price of real estate. It is also ranked 5th worldwide in terms of investment potential. In addition, Ho Chi Minh City is ranked second in the world in terms of development potential.

This is the result of an annual survey for many years based on the observations of many experienced and knowledgeable real estate investors. Research shows that the confidence and attractiveness of investment in the market in particular and Vietnam in general are increasingly promoted.

Real estate for rent in Ho Chi Minh City is the second most popular in the world

The investment property market in HCM City is ranked in the top of the most attractive cities in the world.

The indexes indicate that confidence in the growth potential of the real estate market in HCM City surpasses that of the top cities surveyed globally, becoming the red address for investors wanting. Buying property group: office, retail space and housing …

How do real estate leases other countries?

While the office rental market, retail space in HCMC is constantly recording rent increases at stable and impressive amplitude, the housing market and consumer assets continue to prolong. For growth, many other major cities around the globe are facing a cycle of decline near or near the bottom.

San Francisco, Shenzhen, Beijing and the West London area have office markets growing within the 60-90% range, but these cities So it is very close to the “wave”, which falls at the end of the growth phase, touching the peak or stepping into the early stages of decline.

Singapore recorded a sharp drop in the premium office segment (down 26%), housing (down 25%) and high end retail space (down 15%), showing that these segments are nearing or approaching bottom.

The property group is a Shanghai-based, high-end industrial estate in Melbourne and Shenzhen, facing intense competition and high real estate prices. Jakarta is in the late stage of decline, so rents may rise sharply in the future but accompanied by the risk of a fledgling market.

Real estate for rent in Ho Chi Minh City is the second most popular in the world

Real estate rental is a sign that reflects the growth of the market

Savills noted that real estate rents are a reflection of market growth, reflected by tenants’ demand and supply conditions. As a result, the cities with real estate properties for lease to reach the ceiling level of growth show that they are preparing to enter the stage of decline. At the same time, the growth in the stable band reflects the potential of the market is still very large.

Realestatevietnam’s advice is for you when investing in rental apartments

Choose large-scale or high-density residential projects: Projects with multiple units will make it easier for them to hire, which will attract customers by making services. in the building. The higher the density of dwellings, the better the ability to rent, with associated houses or villas should be located in the area for many homes crowded.

To increase the investment efficiency should choose the project can receive rental housing right, or investors enough credibility to hand over time to increase investment efficiency, ensure cash flow.

Choose projects that have good living environment, closed and high quality services: Often, projects with good living environment ensure better liquidity as well as better rental prices as they attract high-end customers care more.

If the project is under construction, select the projects of reputable investors, big brands and especially the investor widely communicated widely known.

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