Japanese Lifestyle In The Valora Fuji Villa

The Valora Fuji – the luxury and classy villa where you can experience the Japanese lifestyle with nature.

Do you want to enjoy a life with the nature of the fresh air with Japanese lifestyle? The Valora Fuji Villa is the real estate project that belongs to you, born to you because it fully meets the requirements you want and above all, the Valora Fuji is located in Saigon, where every inch of the land likes gold and the value is increasing day by day.

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The Valora Fuji is the Japanese lifestyle private villa project for the middle and upper classes. This villa project including 84 villas is located in Fuji Residence Urban Area and built by Nam Long and Japanese partners. The total area of the Valora Fuji is 5.38 hectares, designed to be planned along the Rach Chiec River.

Still the 3R criterion of the Valora line, the Valora Fuji Villa perfectly satisfies the excellent 3P criterion: Peaceful, Proficiency, Perspective.

If you are impressed with the project, let’s take a closer look at the design, the layout and the great features that Valora Fuji owns!

Valora Fuji Villas

Valora Fuji Villas amidst the green nature

  1. Valora Fuji owns the interior design of Japanese lifestyle close to nature

You are no stranger to the Japanese lifestyle, it is open space and harmony with nature. Wood is always used throughout the space: floors, doors and even the walls … From the house of the Japanese, you can see and enjoy the natural space outside with grass, flowers, trees, lake and fresh air …

All of the great things about Japanese lifestyle houses are fully reflected in each of the Valora Fuji villas because the partner of Nam Long is the Japanese agency, so all the design and the architecture have affected the lifestyle of the sunrise country.

We still admire the Japanese lifestyle, now you and your family are not just looking this at the movies. The Japanese house is in front of it, in the East of Ho Chi Minh City.

It is not surprising that the project is the symphony of nature-created symphonic poems. You live here and you will definitely feel the soul is serene, fresh and full of energy everyday.

The Valora Fuji is designed in three types of villas, ranked A, B, C with different areas and the number of rooms. In particular, type A villas have an area of 140sqm, 3 bedrooms, 3 toilets and 2 parking lots; type B villas are wider with 165sqm of the area, 4 bedrooms, 3 toilets and 2 car parking lots; type C villas are the largest ones with 172.4sqm of the area and the numbers of bedrooms, toilets and parking lots like type B ones.

Because of the larger area, the villas of 3 types will be priced differently, but they all share the same Japanese lifestyle and are entitled to preferential pricing policies from the investors.

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  1. Valora Fuji – The ideal place to live in the city

All residents of 84 Valora Fuji Villas, whether of type A, B or C, enjoy the comfortable, peaceful living space and are surrounded by the wide range of the internal and external facilities. You can be assured that anything you want is available because the project itself is more than your demands.

 Valora Fuji District 9

Modern interior design at Valora Fuji Mansion District 9

There are the swimming pools overflowing for you to cool off on the hot days, a gym dedicated to each object (gym, yoga, nursing, tennis, football, badminton …), restaurants, The spacious garden coffee lets you enjoy the natural atmosphere every weekend. Besides, the project has a lakeside walkway and a riverside park that are ideal places for the whole family to help you enjoy the natural space completely separate the society outside.

In addition to the above class facilities, the Valora Fuji is known as the ideal place to live in the city because the place is guaranteed absolute safety 24/24. Living in the Valora Fuji, you will not need to worry about your children getting on with the bad habits because of most intellectual neighbors here. You also do not worry about stealing, snatching, pickpocket, deceiving and evils in your area because all are “destroyed” outside the small green wall surrounding the villa.

Perhaps after reading, you cannot understand and feel all, so please contact us for more specific advice, you should also register to see the model home of the Valora Fuji project to see your home in the future.

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