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Valora Kikyo And The Meaning Of The Name Of Kikyo Flower

Following the success of the Ehome 1,2,3,4 projects and the Flora Cherry project, Flora Fuji, Nam Long Group is launching its new project named Valora Kikyo District 9 with the purple of bricks and tile roofs.

Now we come together to understand the meaning of the name Valora Kikyo and the design ideas of this new product line.

The meaning of the name of Kikyo flower: humbleness and loyalty

Kikyo (Platycodon grandiflorum or Platycodon grandiflorus) is a species of herbaceous flowering perennial plant of the family Campanulaceae, and the only member of the genus Platycodon. It is native to East Asia (China, Korea, Japan, and the Russian Far East).

Valora Kikyo
Sand Flower – Kikyo

Kikyo is one of the very hardy wildflowers, and they often come back faithfully from year to year. They carry the meaning of persistence because of its persistent survival when it is planted in our garden.

This wildflower covers the green carpet on the jungle every May in each year. Flowers have a bell-shaped flower will quickly fall onto the ground when they are picked.

Kikyo flowers sometimes are mistaken for Harebell or Bluebell which is a specie of the family Campanula in Scotland. The group’s name follows the name of a young shepherd boy who was loved by the goddess of the Moon named Selene.

A silent and desperate love

Selene’s great love was the shepherd boy called Endymion but he did not her love. He entreated Zeus eternal youth and immortality and was granted. However, he had to be placed in a state of eternal slumber.

Selene was extremely sad when hearing the new, then she drove a chariot drawn by a pair of winged steeds to come down to this cave where Endymion fell into eternal sleep to meet him. She lay down beside him and listened to his heartbeat.

As such, when the darkness covered, Selene dressed in a long white shirt, on her hat with a crescent, then going quietly and majestically through the sky. She quietly went to the cave to stay with Endymion. She bent foward him and fondled him and said some love words to him

As time goes on, Endymion was still asleep and Selene still held on that quiet and desperate love. Therefore, the light that she shone into the world at night was also seem to be a sad dream. The silent and desperate love is beautiful and gentle as light as the moonlight, but it is as all the sorrows of the goddess Selene.

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  • Location: Kikyou Residence
  • Investor: Nam long Group and its Japanese Parners
  • Density of building: 6 %
  • The project of 17 hectares scale includes:

+ Valora Kikyo villa (108 villas)

+ Kikyo townhouse

+ Ehome-S social housing (over 1,400 apartments)

+ Flora Kikyo apartment (250 apartments)

The interior design of Valora Kikyo villa

At Valora Kikyo, all villas are designed in the same style of a ground floor and one floor to create a synchronized, beautiful and classy space,.

When the delivery of the villa, Valora Kikyo will be handed over roughly facilitating customers to customize their own desired interior design.

Six communities in the surrounding area

The community surrounding the villa is one of the key factors that contributes to the building of a healthy, cultural and vibrant residential neighborhood. Valora Kikyo is sure to be a vibrant community because its customers live in the same class and have the same standard of living.

Valora Kikyo
Japanese-style design architecture of Valora Kikyo

Security and outstanding facilities

It is one of the most security villas in Vietnam with magnetic stripe card.
Kikyo Residence is a place that you are able to enjoy and experience your life with your family. You can enjoy many luxurious and modern facilities because Kikyo Residence is a high standard.

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Valora Kikyo And The Meaning Of The Name Of Kikyo Flower

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