Kenton Apartment – A High-Class Living Space

Owning 3000 high-class apartments, more than 50 5-star standard amenities, 77 percent of green area, Kenton Node project has been impressive and attracts investors’ attention.

Green design creates a green life

Kenton Node Apartment

Kenton Node project designed green space

Tai Nguyen project investor has built a green living environment in Kenton Node. 77% of the area of the project is covered by green flora and a half of the area is adjacent to the riverside. Kenton Node is designed according to European standards, so it is as a Green city. This project is leading the Green Building trend in Viet Nam. The project owner has created a wonderful space that balances the fast urban rhythm and the peaceful countryside one. Therefore, residents can enjoy a perfect living space as they are living in a deluxe resort. It can help residents relax their mind, reduce their stress and tired after a hard working day.

The apartment meets European standards to brings a high-class life for you

Kenton Node Apartment

Two-Bedroom Apartment Kenton Node has a classy design

The design of apartments in Kenton Node is modern and luxurious style and is the harmony of space and nature. It commits the middle and lower classes to be a peaceful living space. All of the apartments are divided into many different types. Two bedrooms apartment is in a tower and three bedrooms apartment is in another one, so it creates a synchronization. Rooms are well arranged and are equipped with luxurious and modern furniture.

Perfect amenities make the full life

Kenton Node Apartment

The Kenton Node project is located on the golden location of District 7

Kenton Node project also has a utility system to meet customers’ demands. There are more than 50 amenities which consist of 5star Hotels, high-class commercial center, entertainments and sports center, international school and hospital, etc.  Besides, Kenton Node project is next to Rach Dia River, so the environment in there is very airy and clear. In particular, the Kenton Node project is paid attention because of its aerial theater project. It is the second aerial theater project in Southeast Area after Singapore. It certainly catches investors’ attention.

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Kenton Node project is located on Nguyen Huu Tho Street, so residents easily move to other large urban areas such as Phu My Hung, Him Lam. It takes 7 minutes to other central districts. It is really an ideal living place for you because you can have the most comfortable moments in there.

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