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The Design Of The Luxury Apartment In Kenton Node Project

Kenton Node hotel complex

Kenton Node is built with Green living standards for residents of this modern, luxury and noisy city. Luxury apartment design at the Kenton Node project is closed to nature, blend a cool breeze with the atmosphere of the place.

It not only brings a full convenient living but also ensures the sustainability of climate change and the deteriorating environment. Kenton Node is a complex area with 4 major products consist of apartments, hotels, shop houses and offices covered by about 77% green space and rivers. This brings the coolest and fresh atmosphere.

Kenton Node design looks good

Kenton Node is designed with a large 110.000sqm area, adjacent to Rach Dia River in District 7. Kenton Node apartment project has 9 towers built by luxury, neoclassical style and harmony to the natural environment.

Kenton Node hotel complex
Kenton Node hotel complex overall

It is built with full facilities to serve the living of both spiritual and material residents. Walking area is in riverside is with 4.7 km length and is covered by the trees are extremely cool and clean.

The theater is built in the air with the total area up to 5.000sqm and appear the first in Viet Nam. It makes a real mark for Kenton Node and creates a very strong response from everyone.

Cafes and restaurants are located along the riverside. This helps you watch and enjoy the landscape of river while eating and drinking coffee.

Building school, hospital of Kenton Node has affirmed its position in all aspects, ensuring the sufficient life. In particular, the marina with the 5-star standard of the European helps you enjoy and travel on the river on a warm and romantic afternoon.

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Unique, meticulous design with details inside Kenton Node

This is a building with a macro level, Kenton Node brings to the market about 3000 apartments, 800 hotels – luxury and classy condotel. The trade center is inside Kenton Node provides the full facilities, meet the needs of the residents.

Kenton Node hotel complex
Unique, elaborate design with details inside Kenton Node

The pools are located inside Kenton Node designed with the European style. Its area is 2500sqm consist of 6 children’s pools and 2 adult swimming pools. You can easily enjoy the cool air in summer as well as enjoy a classy living space. Kenton Node project builds luxury offices with 30 offices for domestic and foreign clients in Viet Nam. The apartment is spacious and airy, the balcony receives the wind from the outside. The apartment has from 1 to 3 bedrooms with the flexible area from 61 to 145 sqm equipped with 100% European furniture, large floor to create cool and airy space. In the spacious living room, you can look out and enjoy nature.

The hotel is built with 5-star standard, hotel rooms are equipped with necessary equipment. It becomes the long or shortstop point for customers.

Therefore, Kenton Node is appreciated be the luxury apartment project that is well suited to high society. Kenton Node promises to create a shock in the real estate market.

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The Design Of The Luxury Apartment In Kenton Node Project

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