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Landmark Riverside Quan Cang Vinhomes Central Park

Vinhomes Central Park

In September, the Vingroup investor will open for sale Landmark Riverside, also known as Vinhomes Quan Cang Landmark Riverside luxurious apartment in Vinhomes Central Park super project. The apartment will be equipped full furniture, you can move into your apartment after buying it. So let’s buy a luxurious apartment right now.

You will receive many preferences in the selling program of Landmark Riveside Quan Cang Apartment

– The apartment is fully equipped with all the highest quality furniture according to European standard. All of the furniture is free.

– A minimum return is 10%/year on the value of the first two years. This is the highest level of profit in comparison with projects in Sai Gon

– The investor will assist the owner in providing the source of the rental client in the next years. Profits can be 85% -15%

– When receiving apartment, you only need to pay 30% of the apartment value

– Bank will assist you with a loan up to 70% of the apartment value

The favorable location of Landmark Riverside

Vinhomes Central Park
Overview and location of the Riverside Landmark Riverside Apartment in the Vinhomes Central Park project

Vinhomes Quan Cang Landmark Riverside apartment is located in an extremely beautiful location in the Vinhomes Central Park project, is near to the modern and tallest financial tower in the City 81, and opposite Saigon River and Central Park.

The traffic here is extremely convenient, you can easily move to the central, important locations in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the opportunity for you to invest in the real estate market.

Technical information of the Vinhomes Landmark Riverside Tower

– The quantity: 14 units/floor

– The area of apartments from 44-90sqm (about 1-3 bedrooms)

– The height of the tower: 45 stories

– 10 high-speed elevators to serve the needs of customers

– There are two exits with modern fire doors

– 3 large underground parking, enough to meet the number car of residents

– Apartments have been handed over since 2016

Vinhomes Quan Cang Landmark Riverside design

Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside is the only serviced apartment that has a unique view. In here you can look down to the noisy Landmark 81 Tower. You can also enjoy the peace and the romance of Saigon River or enjoy the fresh air of the Park.

Each floor of Landmark Riverside Quan Cang includes:

– 8 one-bedroom apartments with an area of 44-48-50sqm

– 4 two-bedroom apartments with an area of 74-76sqm

– 2 three-bedroom apartments with an area of 90sqm

Each apartment in Vinhomes Landmark Riverside is fully furnished with luxury furniture from Europe. Installing smart electrical equipment will help you have a comfortable, modern life. You can choose apartment according to geomancy.

Facilities in Landmark Riverside Vinhomes Central Park

It is possible to say that Vinhomes Quan Cang has full of the high-end facilities with the noisy commercial center, 5-star luxurious hotel, Vinmec International Hospital, Vinschool interdisciplinary schools… All the most necessary and most luxurious needs are met.

When coming to Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside you will experience the most modern features:

– Smart underground parking: You need a magnetic card and the number of empty cells for the car to avoid wasting time

– Separate area has enough high-grade facilities

– The luxurious lobby

– There is also Lounge for residents to receive their very important, luxurious guests

– Community houses to create a close relationship with each other.

– The outdoor swimming pool, trees around the apartment

– The outdoor sports ground system

– Gym and Yoga room with full of the high-grade machines and equipment

– There are many security systems, cameras, fire alarms are always running 24/24

8 reasons why you should own and invest in the Landmark Riverside apartment

Vinhomes Central Park
Landmark Riverside is located in the overall urban area of Vinhomes Central Park The most prestigious level in Saigon
  1. The apartment is handed over when it is designed and installed full of the interior furniture of Index Living Decord
  2. The interior furniture is completely free
  3. Commitment to high profits for homeowners and apartment investors
  4. When you receive your home, you only need to pay 30% of the value of your home. The remaining 70% will be supported by bank loans
  5. The area of rooms from 44 to 90sqm including one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom apartment. This meets the diverse needs of customers especially the one-bedroom apartments
  6. Up to 70% apartments in Vinhomes Quan Cang Landmark Riverside have views of the park and Saigon River.
  7. There are 10 high-speed elevators, high-grade underground parking always serves well.
  8. You will have a perfect life with 5-star standard facility system.

Let register soon to reserve and to choose the best apartment

For more information and registration for visiting the sample house, please contact: Sales Department of Vinhomes Central Park Tan Cang: 208 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City.

See more information available at: Vietnam Estate Market 

Landmark Riverside Quan Cang Vinhomes Central Park

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