Landmark Service Apartment Vinhomes Central Park

The Landmark Service Apartment (Saigon) next to the Landmark 81, also known as the Riverside Landmark Riverside District of Vinhomes Central Park, will be officially launched by Vingroup Corporation in the second quarter of 2017.

In mid-April 2004, the high-end real estate market is bustling and heated with news of the forthcoming launch of the new Landmark Service Apartment, which promises to be a the bait for all investors and customers who are interested in projects in Binh Thanh District.

So what is the official information on the Landmark Service Apartment project? Let together with us find out the answer.

Overview of the Landmark Service Apartment project in Vinhomes Saigon.

Landmark Service Apartment

Overall map of the Vinhomes Central Park project and location of Landmark Service Apartment Saigon

Investor: Vingroup Corporation. Project name: Vinhomes Central ParkNew Tower: Landmark Service ApartmentAt the location of the apartment project: No. 208 Nguyen Huu Canh street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh city. Type of apartment: Permanent apartment, office apartment, shophouse and penhouse. Construction contractor: Conteccons

Construction density: 16%

– Number of apartments / floors: 14 units, 42 storeys.

– Number of apartments: 500 apartments

– Apartment area: From 44-90sqm, from 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms.

– Number of basements: 3 floors

– Number of elevators: 10 elevators.

Apartment project benefits: With the desire to bring the most perfect living for all residents, the project investor has built a lot of utilities such as big parks, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, restaurants… promises to bring the most convenience for future residents.

Designing the project: With a very modern and unique design style has brought special beauty only at Landmark Service Apartment.

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Location of the Landmark Service Apartment.

Landmark Service Apartment

Landmark Service Apartment- convenient location for traveling.

Landmark Service Apartment is located at 208 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, this location is considered extremely convenient and favorable location brings a lot of benefits for the whole project.

In particular, the Landmark Service Apartment tower is located right next to Landmark 81, with views of the beautiful Saigon River, 14hectare park, and magnificent villas.

Landmark Service Apartment- convenient location for transportation.

Road: Because it is located on Nguyen Huu Canh, the project is very easy to connect with the middle roads of District 1, District 2 and District 7 in less than 5 minutes. This is also considered the most convenient transportation system in Saigon.

Landmark Service Apartment

Landmark Service Apartment is built the perfect project utility

Rail: Landmark Service Apartment has more Metro 1 pass through, very well connected with various Metro lines to create a complete railway transport system.

Waterway: More than 1km to the Saigon River, plus the strong development of waterway bus routes is a great plus that makes transportation at the project extremely convenient.

Benefits of Landmark Service Apartment project.

At Landmark Service Apartment are built the most perfect project facilities, typically referred to as:

– 14hectare Central Park – Vinschool School – International Hospital Vinmec.- Vincom Trade Center- Swimming Pool- Gymnasium, gym, luxury spas “- Supermarkets, restaurants, coffee , …

All will give future residents a modern, luxurious and classy lifestyle for the elite.

Landmark Apartment project’s space

The apartments at Landmark Service Apartment will be built with many types of apartments, so customers can freely choose the most comfortable apartments.

Landmark Service Apartment

The apartments at the project are delivered full furniture with 5 star standard.

Design of Landmark Apartment project

The apartments at the project are designed extremely long and get plenty of natural light. Sleek, luxurious and warmly designed bedrooms give residents the best possible sleep.

Living room is designed luxury, modern and synchronized furniture to level up for every employer.

Kitchen: With modern kitchen equipment, modern deodorizer system, helping the housewives effectively.

5 reasons you should choose to buy apartments at Landmark Service Apartment.

Firstly, a reputable investor from Vingroup

Second, the location is extremely convenient for commuting.

Third, Landmark Service Apartment is committed to a 20% lease for 2 years

Fourth, the apartments at the project are delivered full interior with 5 star standard.

And the fifth is a 70% loan offer that gives every customer the ability to own a flat at Landmark Service Apartment.

Landmark Service Apartment pricing and policy.

Landmark Service Apartment

Facilities full of Landmark Service Apartment

With the utilities, location and design extremely unique, experts say that the sale price of the Landmark Apartment Apartment Tower will not be small. However, when the sale price was announced by investors, this statement is not sure.

Specifically, the estimated selling price of the apartments at the project will be $2,174-$2,392 per sqm. Thus, the calculation of the one-bedroom apartments will cost between $113,044-$121,740 (excluding VAT), the two-bedroom apartments will be from $165,218 to $182,609 (Excluding VAT) and the 3-bedroom apartments will fall in the range of $213,044 – $226,087 (excluding VAT), which is considered quite a reasonable number of utilities the project brings to the residents.

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– The apartments are fully furnished with 5-star standard.

– Loan support policy up to 70%, …

With the policy and reasonable price, promising Landmark Service Apartment will be one of the luxury apartments and attracted the attention of all customers.

If you would like more information about the Landmark Service Apartment project, keep an eye on our new news articles that are being updated regularly.

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