Melosa Garden Townhoues – The OverFlowing Swimming Pool In Style Of Singapore

Melosa Garden hometown offers comfort, modern living space with world-class facilities. Especially is the spill pool in Singapore, 9-grade water tower without any villa project.

Melosa Garden with Overflowing Swimming Pool – A new trend

The overflowing swimming pool has outstanding advantages such as high aesthetics, cool looking, beautiful, high technical standards, improving the health of the residents … In addition, the pool has one more advantage that is the water surface is quiet, light and without ripples. Look down from the top of the lake like a mirror through the water overflow.

Melosa Garden Townhoues

Melosa Garden in District 9 overview

Wishing to build a project with modern and classy river style. Melosa Garden has always focused on the aesthetics, utility and quality of the project. For any project, the spill pool is indispensable.

9-storey wall-pool – the highlight of the Melosa Garden townhouse project

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This is the most unique highlight of the entire Melosa Garden project. Inspired by the waterfall image created in high-end residential areas in Singapore. The pool is designed with 9 rather high stairs, with nozzles and clean water system at the bottom of the lake. Residents here will be immersed in the cool water, letting your soul swim in water. Have fun with family, play water games. A little more romantic is the glass of wine by the lake – the ultimate relaxation for residents. Opposite your apartment is a picture of a magnificent pool with the presence of a spillway, a 9-storey fountain that brings coolness in harmony with nature and green living space. The 9-storey poolside spillover is the most advanced facilities to accompany, creating a perfect villa project. The gymnasium, such as tennis courts, gyms – are indispensable sports facilities with modern facilities within the Melosa Garden area. This is also one of the opportunities for families to communicate with each other, contributing to the bustle of residential life.

Melosa Garden Townhoues

Facilities full of Melosa Garden in District 9

The park, children’s play center is what your family needs. The park is a place to chill every afternoon, talk to each other and play alongside the children’s fun amusement park fun children. Adapting to the new habitat is what parents most want with their children. Supermarket gadgets serve the daily needs of families with fresh foods are imported each day. Near the apartment will be a great convenience to avoid going far. Around it is a large green patch, the project is designed based on the inspiration of nature. The 9-storey swimming pool will attract many customers to Melosa Garden and this is the perfect place for successful entrepreneurs, real estate entrepreneurs to invest in the real estate market, where making a profit in a short time.

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