Melosa Garden – A Mix Of People And Nature

Melosa Garden Villa is a townhouse villa project owned by Khang Dien Group. This project brings comfort, modern, fresh living space to serve the needs of residents here.

Green Plate of Melosa Garden

Today, high-end villas are a type of housing built and designed in an isolated space that is no longer a shared space as it was a few years ago. The green of the trees will help you improve the living environment and create more green for the house. Besides that, you can design yourself to plant trees in your house.

The most impressive villa is how to create a highlight in the eyes of customers. With green space design architecture, architects have created a reasonable space in and out of the villa.

People at Melosa Garden

Life is changing with the development of technology and the emergence of high buildings. People now just want to return to nature, with a simple life where there is an interaction between man and nature. Generally, urban life is different from the country side, the house lights are bright, the walls are high and people do not know anything or pay attention to the other and their surrounding life. But for the mansion, Melosa is not so. Although they are individual single villas, they operate in the same place. Friendly people here, always welcoming the new neighbors. Not only that, after a short time they are the closest neighbors.

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Local Utilities

Surrounding the villa is not only the greenery but a range of facilities built to serve the needs of people. Life is changing and the demand of people must be higher.

Melosa Garden

Utility of the internal pool of Melosa Garden

  • School system

You will be completely safe when you send your children here, which is near the house convenient for transportation to pick up your children. Provide opportunities for your child to be exposed to a professional training environment with good teachers everywhere. Being in touch with their peers is always the thing that kids love the most.

  • Green Park

Park is a spacious place. It has a comfortable atmosphere with fresh air. The first rays of sunshine flowed into the trees and the room would be a start for a new and energetic day. In the afternoon, the whole family walks around the park and breathes in what the trees bring. This is a source of inspiration after hard work hours.

  • Supermarket center

Supermarkets next to the property serve the daily shopping needs of your family. Fresh foods are preserved with the best quality.

  • Outdoor children’s playground

The outdoor children’s playground is well-equipped with facilities to help children develop in all aspects, keeping pace with the life around these young friends. What is childhood will be kept here for your child?

Melosa Garden

Melosa Garden children’s play area

  • Gym – spa

In addition, what is indispensable is the health and physique of the body. You are an office worker, you are a night man to work … Then how to keep your health as well as your body. Come to the gym and spa you will feel good again, fat layers because of sitting for a long time will be flying out if you persist in doing the exercises every day. The perfect services here not only help you restore health but also give you the best relaxation.

And many other utilities that we cannot mention at the same time, come to us to enjoy the luxury apartments and the best feeling of life around you and what you deserve to have.

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