What You Need To Know About Diamond Lotus Bac Hai Apartment District 10

What do you need to know before purchasing Diamond Lotus Bac Hai Apartment District 10? Please join us for our general inquiries about Diamond Lotus World Apartment District 10.

When exploring a project, surely one of us will also have questions that need to be answered. With the Diamond Lotus Green World Apartment Project, of course there will also be a lot of people interested in the issues that need to be consulted similarly.

The article below is a summary of some questions about the Diamond Lotus World Apartment Project. If you are interested, please take a quick look, maybe the questions you are wondering about this work will also be resolved.

Who is the owner of the Diamond Lotus World Apartment project in Bac Hai District 10?

If you have heard through the famous property line Diamond Lotus, you must have heard of the brand Phuc Khang Corporation. It is also the owner of Diamond Lotus Green World District 10, which is currently wind-blowing recently in the core area of the city center.

Diamond Lotus Bac Hai Apartment

Potential location brings many profit value for District 7

The Diamond Lotus Green World apartment project is currently the latest and the largest project invested by Phuc Khang. Expected, after completion, this work will contribute to change the look of District 10, as well as the whole face of Ho Chi Minh City in general.

What is the size of Diamond Lotus Green World in Bac Hai District 10?

In terms of scale, in the Diamond Lotus series, Green World is the strongest investment by Phuc Khang, both in terms of total land area, number of apartments and utilities. Specifically, the investor has poured into this project the capital amount to more than 348,000,000 USD.

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Out of the total land bank stretches across three frontages in District 10 nearly 11 hectares. By 2019, the Diamond Lotus Green World Apartment Project will be completed with eight high towers of 28 to 30 storeys.

Diamond Lotus Bac Hai Apartment

Green World is Phuc Khang’s strongest investment, both in terms of total land area, number of apartments and utilities

Compared with the number of real estate products with two previous predecessors, Green World owns more than 6,000 units – A large number. However, on the basis of the total area and density of construction, it is clear that the number of apartments as above is not much. That is why, despite large-scale investment, the Green World project meets the Green Apartment standard, with fresh environment and impressive views.

The internal facilities of the project are highly appreciated, with a wide range of luxury, classy and international standard facilities, from the high-end shopping mall to the overflowing pool, Modern gym room… Not only that, at Diamond Lotus Green World, Phuc Khang also invested in a wide open area with green trees, filled with grass flowers and aroma, helping residents enjoy the static life as in luxury resorts, although actually living in the heart of District 10.

With such a large investment scale, it can be seen that Phuc Khang investor put a lot of expectations into the project. You can regularly track more information about the Diamond Lotus Green World Project to get a better understanding of the construction situation.

Blue Diamond Green North Beach Apartment Meets US LEED Standards

Diamond Lotus Green World is a US LEED standard, but many people still do not have insights into this standard. So, we will answer what the LEED term is, so you understand the difference of the project.

Diamond Lotus Bac Hai Apartment

Diamond Lotus Green World North Sea District 10 Leed standard

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Accordingly, LEED is a green standard set by the Green Building Council of America for evaluation and licensing. This is a standard for real estate projects, based on the principles of design, construction and operation … in order to create a green building that ensures safety – quality of life people and saves energy, preserve ecological environment. More than 134 countries have applied LEED standards in construction to evaluate a building that achieves green.

Specifically, the LEED-certified works are always those that own natural green space, building materials that are renewable, environmentally friendly, water treatment systems are scientifically engineered and energy saving as possible.

Currently, Vietnam’s Diamond Lotus series of Phuc Khang are the first works that have just reached the LOTUS standard (Green Building Council of Vietnam – VGBC license), has just reached the LEED standard of the United States. Green World is about to complete by 2019, which also meets this standard. Therefore, Green World has very positive living values.

In addition to Diamond Lotus Bac Hai, there is another green project that is Kenton Node Apartment. The above is the answer to some questions about the Diamond Green World Apartment Project. If you have any questions related, please contact us for further advice.

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