Perfect Facility Of GS Metrocity Nha Be Project

GS Metrocity Nha Be owns a huge scale (up to 3500000sqm), the facilities and services system to serve the living needs of residents here.

GS Metrocity Project is invested by the owner from Korea (GS Nha Be Development Co., Ltd).

With luxurious facilities, when you live here, you do not need to move outside of the urban campus, you can experience and enjoy all needs inside GS Metrocity project. Thanks to this attractive feature, GS Metrocity Nha Be is considered one of the largest urban projects in Ho Chi Minh City.

If you still do not know clearly about the facilities system inside GS Metrocity Project, this article will be useful information for you. We will only introduce internal facilities:

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  1. Advantages of material facilities at GS Metrocity Nha Be Project.

With a super-scale (nearly 3500000sqm), GS Metrocity Project is divided into 3 functional areas: A, B and C. In addition, the investor also divides the project into many construction items such as residential area, public construction area, green parks, internal traffic…

Because the project is planned carefully, when you need to use any facility, you just go to the designed location. The facilities of GS Metrocity Project includes:

  • Green Park creates a special natural green area in the heart of the project.
  • The parking area is spacious enough for all the families living in GS Metrocity.
  • Community chair for every family to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Community chairs will be the ideal stopover for all residents after walking, exercising,
  • The system of general air conditioning, general gas, standby electricity… are modern, always checked periodically to bring the most basic facilities for everyone.
  1. The education, medical systems help residents ensure life.

Unlike small real estate projects in the city center, GS Metrocity project owns a full education and health system.

Your children will be educated directly in the preschool at GS Metrocity without having to go far. In the morning you just take the baby to school, in the afternoon you just walk to pick up the baby. This is extremely convenient and easy to follow. It also does not affect the work of parents.

Besides, there are also hospitals and surgeries in the project to provide health care for residents. This is the “pride” of  GS Metrocity Project because few projects have this facility.

  1. The cuisine, consumption, trade and sport facilities

The trade and service facilities always have in all real estate projects, and in GS Metrocity Project, these facilities are no exception and are invested more.

GS Metrocity

System Utilities of GS Metrocity

Inside the GS Metrocity Nha Be campus, you can go shopping, experience quality service at supermarkets, shopping centers, coffee shops, luxurious restaurants … In general, all needs of residents will be met, so you do not have to go far away.

If you like sport, you can go to the gym, yoga, swimming pool… or simply walk around the fresh campus of the project.

  1. The absolute security and excellent hygiene.

Security issue in GS Metrocity Project is always secured, with many surveillance cameras, security guards at various locations.

For the risks, you do not worry because the owner installs the fire alarm system, and the housing is also designed with safe criteria.

Wherever you are in this project from the villa to the apartment, house,… You can enjoy life and facilities.

Please contact us for more information about GS Metrocity Project.

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