Reputation Of D1 Mension Investors

D1Mension is invested by reputable Capitaland owner, who comes from Singapore.

If you know who the D1 Mension Apartment Project’s owner is, and how famous he is, we believe you have envisioned and assessed whether the project is potential or not, or whether it is worth to live or to invest short – term?

When we look at the result, we need to know who made it, what shape it is, what it is. And then, the creator of the first result will again be appreciated at the start of the second task to bring about new results. Prestige is the key to comment, worth the price. Maybe that’s true or not, but it’s clearly an extremely effective measure.

So who is the owner of the D1 Mension Apartment Project, this unit is prestigious or not? Please find answers in the article below:

D1 Mension project

Overview of D1Mension project of Capitaland Investment (Singapore) District 1

  1. Who is the owner of the D1 Mension Apartment Project?

In the District 1 projects, the D1 Mension Apartment Project is one of the most prominent real estate projects in District 1, which is the focal point of the property market at the end of 2016, early 2017. This is a great location and a great deal of interest, all thanks to the level of the project. The location is conveniently located for traffic, with a landscaped design worth living, with luxury apartments, 6-star beautiful view and with attractive facilities, safe without many projects get.

However, the magic of the D1 Mension Apartment project is not just the elements, but it is part of the great reputation of the Project Owner. So who is the owner of this? We would like to inform you, the owner of this project is CapitaLand Group (Singapore) – One of the world’s largest real estate tycoons.

The reputation of CapitaLand is attributed by successful real estate projects they have built up over the decades of operation. For more information on the Owners of the D1 Mension Apartment Project, you should continue to refer to Section 2.

  1. How great is the reputation of CapitaLand?

CapitaLand Group is a multinational corporation, operating mainly in the two major markets of Singapore and China in the field of real estate (housing, serviced apartments, offices, commercial centers, complexes … ). In addition, the Singapore-based group also operates another related field, which is the management of real estate investment funds (rated as Asia’s largest top).

D1Mension project

Capitaland is a prestigious, prestigious real estate group from Singapore

This is a very powerful Group both in terms of financial potential and performance. Almost every project having the “patronage” of CapitaLand have achieved a brilliant success, creating a strong fever in the housing market.

This group has invested heavily in Vietnam with a commitment to long-term investment in real estate. They value Vietnam as a key market, a young population, a fast urbanization rate, and a backed-up economy, so investing in Vietnam will be profitable. This is the reason why most of the CapitaLand projects involved are super-attractive projects, attracting a large number of small apartment investors to participate.

In addition to the D1 Mension Apartment Project, which has been raining recently after the sale of Block River View, CapitaLand Group has also participated in many projects throughout the country including Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Ha Long, Hai Phong, Hanoi. In Vietnam, the main form that CapitaLand invests in is usually high-end luxury housing and international standard housing.

For example, the D1 Mension Apartment Project is in its infancy, you can see the real estate giant’s investment and development. D1 Mension is planned to be built in accordance with Singapore’s modern six-star standard, managed by Ascott Limited (a subsidiary of CapitaLand Group, which owns and operates the largest serviced apartment in the world), so the potential of the project is clear, and highly appreciated. If you are a bit knowledgeable about the real estate market in South Vietnam, you will understand how attractive the D1 Mension Apartment District 1 is.

The above is the basic share about the investor of D1 Mension District 1, hope this information will be useful to you and bring you more knowledge, many reviews and unbiased reviews about project. Gather information, then give yourself the best choice. Of course, you can contact us for further advice.

Read more market information at: Vietnam Real Estate Market

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