Sun Tower Apartment District 9

Sun Tower apartment is the commercial name of the third phase of the First Home apartment project in District 9 in phase 1 or Sky 9 apartment in phase 2.

Sun Tower apartment in District 9 is the third block and also the block has the most open view in the project. At this time, you should buy Sun Tower apartment or not? This article will share some information & reviews hope to give you more perspective on this project.

Location of Sun Tower apartment District 9

The Sun Tower apartment is located at the corner of Vanh Dai Trong Street and Lien Phuong Street – Phu Huu District 9. Currently, this is the area with the most development in the district with the appearance of High-tech zone District 9.

Sun Tower in District 9

Sun Tower apartment location

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Key routes in the area help to connect the surrounding districts more quickly, such as:

+ Vanh Dai Trong, we have a direction to District 7 through Phu My Bridge and the other direction to Ha Noi Highway at the intersection Thu Duc: In Phu My Hung within 15 minutes.

+ Ho Chi Minh Highway – Long Thanh – Dau Giay: From Sun Tower apartment to District 2 to Thu Thiem only 7 minutes and more than 10 minutes to District 1 and Binh Thanh.

+ Song Hanh highway: from Sun Tower to Mai Chi Tho street, District 2 within 5 minutes – Currently the road is under construction and is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2017.

+ Lien Phuong Road to the apartment area of The Vista District 2.

+ Do Xuan Hop street is extended to 30m, making traveling extremely convenient

In addition to more and better transport connections, Sun Tower apartments are highly valued for many other factors:

+ Only about 1.5km from District 9 High-tech zone with more than 30,000 engineers and foreign experts working.

+ Surrounding are the urban clusters, large residential areas already exist as Khang Dien projects and are doing as Lakeview of Novaland, Him Lam, Keppel Land…

  • With large urban areas, it will completely change the appearance of this area. The routes with utilities serving the needs of living such as supermarkets, commercial centers, restaurants, schools, hospitals … are located quite close to the project, bringing quality life in the future…

The weakness of the project is located right on Vanh Dai Trong Street so there will be container trucks moving along this road. However, you can travel on the Lien Phuong Road and there are no obstacles to easily connect to Highway 2 – Song Hanh Street.

What is the price of Sun Tower apartments and how are they compared with District 9 apartments?

Sun Tower in District 9

Full facilities of Sun Tower in District 9, HCMC

The price of Sun Tower apartment will oscillate around USD $ 860 / sqm, in two stages before the average price of less than USD $ 818 / sqm.

Compared to the previous two periods, Sun Tower apartment block is more appreciated in the design and handover, so we think this price is reasonable.

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If compared to projects in the region such as:

+ The Art Gia Hoa: USD $ 1090 / sqm

+ Flora Cherry: (Finished): Average USD $ 950 / sqm

+ Flora Fuji: Price from USD $ 950 / sqm

Overall view in the area can add competitive products such as Citi Soho, Citi Home are from USD $ 1000 / sqm located in Cat Lai District 2.

With the preliminary price we can see that although the price of the Sun Tower is not cheap, it is also considered reasonable in the area.

Especially in the present time, the transportation infrastructure of the area strongly developed together with the demand for housing in the area increased sharply due to District 9 High-tech zone with Samsung factory has come into operation.

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