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Thap Muoi Merita Khang Dien

Thap Muoi Merita Khang Dien

The Thap Muoi Merita Khang Dien project is going to open for sale in the October of 2016

After the success of the series of the projects such as Venica, Lucasta, Melosa, Mega… the Merita Khang Dien project is one of the projects is attracting a lot of attentions of the clients and the real estate investors in the area of District 9 and the East of Sai Gon.

Is The Thap Muoi Merita Khang Dien a good solution for living or investing? Let’s analyze and review about this remarkable project!


Thap Muoi Merita Khang Dien
Link diagram of the connection and traffic link of the Merit Towers project

– Investor: Khang Dien

– Other projects developed: the Lucasta, the Melosa, the Mega Ruby, the Mega Residence, the Venica, the Villa Park…

– Location: the facade of Lien Phuong street, Phuoc Long B Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.

– The official name: the Merita project

– Area: 3.1 hectares

– Scale of project: 131 private houses and duplex villas

– Types of investments: the row house and villa compound

– Basic area:

+ The facade of Lien Phuong: 5x20m, 8x20m, 10x20m

+ Other basic information: 5x17m, 5x18m, 6x17m, 8x17m

– Constructive specification: 1 ground floor + 2 Floors

– The expected selling price:

+ The row house: 145,176 USD – 307,450 USD (included VAT)

+ The Lien Phuong facade: 263,957 USD – 659,920 USD/ unit (included VAT)

– Forms of ownership: in perpetuity

– Expected sale: the priority position for holding in October, and selling on November of 2016.


The Thap Muoi Merita has a strong point that has the convenient transportation near the important road routes of the city such as District 9, District 2,…

– The North of the Thap Muoi Merita borders the facade of Lien Phuong having the view with the Rivera Cove Villa, the Samsung hi-tech District 9

– The South of the Thap Muoi Merita Khang Dien is adjacent to the Nam Phan private houses (Nam Long)

– The East of the Merita Khang Dien project borders the First Home Apartment, the Sky 9, the Khang An Villa

-The West of the Thap Muoi Merita project borders the Hoang Anh Minh Tuan project

The Thap Muoi Merita Khang Dien’s position is very outstanding – the east area of the city has the facade bordering the Lien Phuong Street, Phuoc Long B Ward. This is the important transportation routes linking to the centers of the city such as the District 2, District 1,… Surrounding the project is a series of infrastructure such as the system of commercial centers, hospitals, domestic and international schools, the entertainment place,… This is an extremely convenient location for work as well as your life.

The villa is situated on the frontage of Lien Phuong street, the belt 2 is about 50 meters from here. You can quickly go to other places such as the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, the Hospital District 2, Thu Thiem Tunnel, the international school system, the big ring road,…


Thap Muoi Merita Khang Dien
Combining a wide range of high-end, end-to-end amenities with the desire to bring residents of Merita the best life possible.

The perfection is a proof showing successfully through a series of projects of the Khang Dien investor, moreover, The Thap Muoi Merita will bring you the great utilities to have a perfect life.

– Commercial centers: you can buy the items you want without wasting time

– Standard pool inside the park of the Thap Muoi Merita project: you can drop the water and see the beautiful scenery around

– Park and garden: you can walk with family or friends and enjoy the fresh air

– Gym: modern equipment system, it helps you improve health and keep in shape.

– Nursery school: with international standards, it is located in the campus’ building

– Health-care center: servicing if you need.

– Tennis, badminton, basketball: for those who love sports and enhance health.

– In Merit: the security 24/24, you will not worry about the security system

The Thap Muoi Merita has not only the convenient transportation but also brings you the great utilities. You can easily choose the great items at the system chain of shopping malls and supermarkets here.

In addition, you can also relax with the family and friends at the swimming pool, quiet cafes or you can spend the time to take care of the health and beauty at the spa and yoga rooms,… in Merita Khang Dien project. The nursery school with the international standard will be designed on the campus of the project, you don’t need to worry about finding the school for the children.

Moreover, the life harmonizes with nature which will create for you the most comfortable and fresh feeling. The Thap Muoi Merita has full facilities to serve all the needs of the clients, so you can enjoy a perfect life with the modern facilities here.


The Merita project is invested and developed with the total of 131 units divided into 2 main types: the Merita private house and the Merita villa.

– The area of Merita private house: 5m x 16m, 6m x 16m, and 6m x 18

– The area of Merita Khang Dien villa: 8m x 16m, 8m x 18m, 8m x 20m, 10m x 20m, and 15m x 20m

The Thap Muoi Merita is designed the international standard converging the criteria of the luxurious and modern apartment. The project always interested in the harmony with nature to take the customers a comfortable feeling, so investor made the most of the nature to bring natural light into the room.

Especially, interior decoration style is also very creative, refined and luxurious creating the high-class lifestyle. It not only gets the extremely civilized living space but also takes the modern life.

The design style harmonizes with nature taking you a comfortable feeling and a fresh environment

The interior arrangement is very proper, modern and luxurious


  1. Competitive price compared with the areas
  2. The prime location in the Lien Phuong façade
  3. 3. The easy and flexible payment
  4. The Vietcombank’s support with the extremely low interest

5 The prestige of the Khang Dien’s investor

  1. The strong developed potential and the added value over time.
  2. The high profitability
  3. The diverse utilities
  4. The convenient connection with the other areas such as District 1, District 2
  5. The fresh living space

It is said that the Thap Muoi Merita Khang Dien project is a perfect choice giving you the perfect life and the great investment opportunity in the future.

Announcing to all customers, investors are interested in the Thap Muoi Merita Khang Dien project.

– In the October of 2016, we will officially receive and hold the priority position, especially for the Lien Phuong facade.

– In the November of 2016, we will official sale the Merita Khang Dien

Read more investment information at: Vietnam Property Investment

Thap Muoi Merita Khang Dien

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