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The Coast Villas Phu Quoc With Unique Design

Coast Villas Phu Quoc

When mentioning in tourism island of Vietnam, tourists cannot ignore Phu Quoc island, an island in Kien Giang province. At first, Phu Quoc was a rough jewel, when all of its infrastructure was under developed but still attracted a few of tourists to visit, which showed the tourism other value as well as the potentials of Phu Quoc.

The tourism potential of Phu Quoc

Coast Villas Phu Quoc
The Coast Villas Phu Quoc is the most attractive investment product in Phu Quoc in recent years

Up to now, after being invested in developing, Phu Quoc is called Pearl Island. With blue beaches like Bai Dai and Bai Sao, Phu Quoc is truly a paradise. In addition, infrastructure in Phu Quoc has been invested and has made a strong advance. Setting the goal of Phu Quoc Island will become the leading high-quality ecological resort on the island, the tourist center. A series of large projects have been invested to build infrastructure such as expanding the scale of Phu Quoc airport, complex resort: casino, zoo, complete the cable car system to Hon Thom Island… This is a great promise to bring about changes in Phu Quoc, worthy of Pearl island paradise.

Being a sophisticated investor, capturing the tastes of the market, Nam Anh and Hong Phuc Land investors decided to invest in Phu Quoc Coastal Project. The Coast Villas Phu Quoc Resort is a 4 star resort located in Bai Truong. As the first child, the project brings a lot of enthusiasm of investors with the hope of giving investors a sophisticated choice when investing in the resort category in Phu Quoc.

New design of the Coast Villas

With new design of the Private Villa, the villa has transformed not only into a unique villa but also a special one which will help the cost of building to become a complete villa (including furniture) lower than the market price in the area. Phu Quoc is where construction costs are about 30% higher than elsewhere due to geographic constraints that make travel very difficult, which increases the value of the project with other resort villa projects.

Do not want to go into the old way in the design, with many years of experience in designing resort products, Mia Studio has combined with ideas and enthusiasm from the owner to make The Coast Villas Phu Quoc a new breath of air. Located in the middle of nature with white sandy beach with modern architecture mixed traditional, open space to help the villa intertwine with nature and feeling relaxed. No refuse to stand among nature, the green patches are beautifully arranged and spread throughout the villa in areas: entrance, living room, kitchen, toilet, pool.

Make up the whole green landscape. The living room and kitchen are designed to encourage interactions between members and bring the warmth to family.

Green space covers the entire The Coast Villas project.

Coast Villas Phu Quoc
The Coast Villas are designed with a completely new and unique architecture

With careful care of all the design of The Coast Villas Resort Phu Quoc resort is focused on the details, the space is designed to make proper use of natural conditions sunny and windy, makes the angle so generous that the wind and natural light can wander around the apartment makes the villa become more airy. The swimming pool is designed in the centre of the villa to help balance the living space, blue sky blends with clear blue water. Bring a fresh living space to customers. From the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom the customer can look the view of the pool. The cool blue of the water is blended with the azure blue of the sky, the grass makes the soul more relaxed and gentle.

The Coast Villas villa with exquisite design style.

The design style is inspired by the high-end resorts on the beautiful Bali Island. The perfect combination between the charms of ancient Europe along with the rustic simplicity of the Vietnamese countryside has given The Coast Villas a perfect design. The resort is a green paradise in the midst of golden sunshine and white sand. Designed to be a 4-star resort, The Coast Villas is a perfect home-from-nature resort. Customers and investors don’t hesitant to invest in a potential resort with a reasonable price but high investment value, when the scale of Phu Quoc international airport will be expanded which attract more tourists to Phu Quoc. Come to The Coast Villas to feel the true value of the resort.

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The Coast Villas Phu Quoc With Unique Design

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