Types Of Villas Premier Kem Beach Resort In Phu Quoc Island

Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Phu Quoc is the project of villa resort which is introduced in the property market by Sun Group in 2017 and it will be completed in November 2018.

The project with the total land area is 596000 sqm. It brings 350 luxury villas for the professional investors, and the upstream customers love the lifestyle close to nature and the sea. In general, this project focuses on specializing villa resort, but also there are some deferent products like shop-house and mini-hotel. And obviously, we have not mentioned about internal facilities. You can find out more details about some types of villa which is planned by Sun Group in Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Project in Phu Quoc.

  1. Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Phu Quoc Villa type A:

The project consists of 5 villas which belong to type A, with total area is 810sqm- 880sqm near the sea. From inside the villa, you can open the window and enjoy the beautiful view of the Khem Beach.

Premier Kem Beach Resort Phu Quoc

Type A villa Premier Kem Beach Resort Phu Quoc

In spite of locating near the sea, Premier Village Kem Beach type A doesn’t make an effect on nature. Thank the perfect designs of the professional partners of Sun Group, it is appreciated by many investors. Villas type A is the line of villa which is evaluated highly in total of the project, just only 5 villas for this type with 2 floors ( 4 bedrooms for each floor). From the position of the villa, you can see sunset and sunrise every day without moving to anywhere. The price of the villa type A is 2.700.000$ per unit as expected.

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  1. Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Phu Quoc type B:

Besides, Sun Group also built 48 plots for villa type B. This is the line of villas which have the land area is smaller than type A, from 360 sqm to 380 sqm that contains 2 floors with 3 bedrooms on each floor.

Premier Kem Beach Resort Phu Quoc

Type B villa Premier Kem Beach Resort Phu Quoc

Villas of type B don’t locate near the sea, but they are designed to the way which is overlooking to gardens, flowers and natural surroundings. However, the villa still owns sea view in a  cool side. From the space inside the villa, you can completely see the sea at a very close distance. Of course, you can also easily walk to the beach to experience the water life in the white sand here, through the shady side of the road.

It is expected that the owner will sell the villa Sun Premier Village Kem Quoc B type Phu Quoc at a price of 1.342.281$ per unit. Basically, this price level is quite reasonable and easier to attract investors.

  1. Sun Premier Village Villa Beach Cake Phu Quoc C:

There are similar prices of villas type B, villa type C is also proposed to sell at the range of 1.342.281$ / unit, the area is almost the same type B, ranging from 360 sqm to 380 sqm. However, there is a difference in design is C class only one storey, but there are four spacious bedrooms.

Premier Kem Beach Resort Phu Quoc

Type A villa Premier Kem Beach Resort Phu Quoc

The number of type C villas is limited to 8 lots, all with views overlooking the fresh lake and lush greenery.

If you enjoy the fresh air of sea scent and shiny green tiles, the C-type villa is the most suitable.

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  1. Sun Premier Village Beach Villa Phu Quoc Island D:

The last villa built by Sun Group is D-View Garden, with the largest number of 86 units. The villa is more modest than its previous types A, B, C (only 245 sqm – 260 sqm) but with a scientific design, space is still functional and extremely airy, It consists of 3 bedrooms on a single floor. This is a product line is appreciated by reasonable price, only $671.140/unit, easy to mobilize capital, easy to invest and profit is also attractive.

Premier Kem Beach Resort Phu Quoc

Type D villa Premier Kem Beach Resort Phu Quoc

During the opening sale in June 2017, the investor Sun Villa Village Villa Phu Quoc Beach is expected to open before 141 villas of various types. You can rely on the information we just provided to shape the line of villas with the ability and purpose.

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