Use Land, An Endless Gold Mine!

It has been a long time since I’ve had such an impression on the idea of a nation-state breakthrough. By the way, in recent times, I feel that Vietnam’s growing real estate market is getting harder and harder because the world is more and more “smart” than anything else in the world.

The straps of all the resources of the country still slowly take off. So compared to yesterday, it is progressive but compared to people it is backward.

The pain is so!

A hope opens. Today, in a meeting with more than 120 city intellectuals, HCM Nguyen Thien Nhan posed a problem that surprised many people, it is assumed if the conversion of one-third of agricultural land (about 40,000 ha) to develop industry – services to create a step leapfrog development for the city in the future.

use land

The Prime Minister requested a review of land use and revised the Land Law

Surely many people remember a story passed in the early 90s of the 20th century: A senior officer asked how a senior Taiwanese official has dealt with how Taiwan’s foreign currency reserve amounting to over $ 90 billion, the answer is: That number is too small compared to Vietnam. Because most of Taiwan’s land is in private hands, the State wants to buy it. Land in Vietnam is in the hands of the State. It is a huge national reserve if it is well invested and exploited.

Time goes by, the story is gradually forgotten, partly because “rice does not eat, rice is there”, partly because it is public land, not one’s own so no heart hurt, no broken intestines when wasted, when the beams.

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Until the Director of the Urban Research Institute announced at the seminar Developing and managing the real estate market in the middle September 2003 that Vietnam could mobilize $ 5,000 billion from land for development investment. Many customers think that our State sitting on a mountain of gold that “forget” lost.

The question is: Is it true that the state is holding $ 5,000 billion and how to exploit this asset?

For a long time, according to the law of “planned and balanced development”, everything must follow the principle of centralized-democracy. National land use planning for the period 2011-2020 has been approved by the National Assembly to protect 3.8 million hectares of rice land. Then, according to the Land Law, only 10ha of land for rice cultivation was subject to approval by the Prime Minister.

use land

How much land fund in Ho Chi Minh City?

Now in TP. Ho Chi Minh City Party Secretary Nguyen Thien Nhan set out the problem of effective use of land, and then touched the number “beyond the ceiling” to thousands of times it is a very daring and very interesting way of thinking.

The thought of the new party secretary, who came from a scientist, is also “scientific,” that is, raising the issue and listening to the minds of scientists along with analyses and numerical figures.

He said that TP. HCMC is a service-industrial city, but the structure of land use is currently unreasonable. While agricultural land is high, it accounts for a much lower share of value added than industry-services. For example, in 2015, the agricultural land area is 118,052 ha, but only brings the actual value of 6,494 billion VND (0.89%), value of land is 55 million VND. While industrial – service land is only 14,264 hectares, the real value is VND 726,978 billion (99.11%), the value added per hectare is VND 50,966 million.

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Since then, he has questioned whether to shift part of the agricultural land into industrial and service development and assumes that if one-third of the agricultural land is converted for industry-service development Land premise for GDP could increase by 273% of city GDP.

And if so, a series of related city plans will be broken.

At this point, we are reminded of heated debate when discussing the Draft Law on Planning currently taking place in Congress. There are very few drafts of a law that are being discussed in Parliament, but there are many concerns such as the Draft Law on Planning. Probably because of the scope of the law is too wide, because there are 32 related laws to modify; Due to the fact of life in the past, so many pressing, many plans at different levels, many different areas are broken.

Many times, the planning is broken because it is here in their own country, there are “some people” have the ability and vision limited a little, there is a lack of responsibility, corruption and for “group benefit”…

In this story, perhaps that is the vision.

So, once the world develops day by day, every planning is probably based on the principle that the ancestors have taught: “The unchanging, turn the turn!” Because all customers who are farsighted or nearsighted, they all lack of confidence in the street race against the average person.

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