Valora Mizuki Park Nam Long Villa District 7

Valora Mizuki Park Nam Long Villa is located in Nam Long Group’s Mizuki Park urban area project in District 7 – Binh Chanh. Mizuki Park villa project is a modern and luxurious Japanese style which creates an ideal and well-being life.

Valora Mizuki Park is the most famous villa and townhouse project in southern Ho Chi Minh City, located in the Mizuki Park urban area – “Heavenly resort in Japan style” in Saigon. The project is being deployed by Nam Long, along with two strategic partners Hankyu Realty, Nishi Nippon Railroad from the Land of the rising sun.

Because of being developed by the famous trio who has successfully built 3 previous projects, Flora Sakura, Kikyo Residence, and Fuji Residence, Valora Mizuki Park surely guarantee for 3P criterion (Peaceful, Proficient, Perspective)

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The elite wants to choose a safe, comfortable and classy lifestyle in Smart Home – Smart Living style … Villa Valora Mizuki Park is the best idea hint to build a home. For investors, the project is also attractive profit thanks to the possession of a variety of advantages “picking money”

Introducing the Valora Mizuki Park Nam Long Villa

-Investor: Nam Long Investment Joint Stock Company (HOSE: NLG)

– Development Partners: Hankyu Realty, Nishi Nippon Railroad (Japan)

– Distribution: Nam Long Floors

– Construction contractor: An Phong Construction, Nam Khang Construction

– Official Name: Valora Mizuki Park

– Project Location: Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, Binh Hung Ward, Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City (Valora Mizuki Park is the apartment block located in Mizuki Park urban area)

– Scale of the project: 180 Valora Mizuki Park Villas, 270 Valora Mizuki Park townhouses

– Utilities: The common facilities of Mizuki Park municipality, in addition to the facilities in Mizuki Park such as landscaped ponds, eco-parks, gyms, swimming pools, parking.

– Time to implement and handover: 2017 – 2024

– Legal: Full of house ownership certificate, permanent possession forever

Valora Mizuki Park Nam Long Villa project owns a golden location

As well as the Condominium Flora Mizuki Park, the Valora Mizuki Park Villa and Townhouse is located in the Mizuki Park Municipality where the location is similar. Accordingly, the terrain that the project owning is highly evaluated geomancy, trade, and the potential for price increases.

The Valora Mizuki Park project met five criteria that real estate projects dreamed up, including:

Firstly, nearing the market

Secondly, nearing the river

Thirdly, nearing the highway

Finally, nearing the park

Valora Mizuki Park project

Valora Mizuki Park Nam Long villa project location map

Specifically, the Valora Mizuki Park is located on a large plot of land on the front of the river, the landscape is very peaceful. Opposite the project is a spacious park named My Nguyet, designed unique Japanese style in Vietnam. Surrounding the project is “surrounded” by a series of useful utility outside the area, the most prominent is the famous international and public school system

With the adjacent location to Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, Highway 50 and the key traffic junction Nguyen Huu Tho, Pham Hung … from the site of project Valora Mizuki Park you can go anywhere you want, with 7 minutes to Phu My Hung, 10 minutes to Binh Dien Market, 15 minutes to District 1, District 2, 20 minutes to District 5…

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The inside and outside utility systems at Valora Mizuki Park

Inside utilities:

– My Nguyet Lake landscape is designed to flow through all the items of Mizuki Park. With Valora Mizuki Park, the winding lake right in front of the townhouses, villas, help regulate the climate and bring poetic scenery to the project.

– 2-storey swimming pool in the style of the spacious resort at the house.

– International school outspread 1.2 hectares providing the best education and intellectual development solutions for children living in Valora Mizuki Par.

– Clubhouse, children’s playground, entertainment area, so on.

– Central park, outdoor BBQ area, outdoor sports area, landscaped garden, hanging gardens, Japanese-style meditation garden, 2000sqm square

– Shopping area, supermarket, shop house.

– Fence and Security card, camera, security guard and video phone work 24/24.

Valora Mizuki Park project

Modern interior and exterior interiors, in the complex of villas Valora Mizuki Park Nam Long District 7

Outside utilities:

Valora Mizuki Park is located in the heart of Saigon South, among the most prestigious real estate projects in the area. Surrounding the project is a series of exciting international facilities with hospitals, schools, commercial centers, administrative centers, sports facilities…

Some highlights at Valora Mizuki Park such as Canadian International School, South Saigon, Korea, Taipei, Japan…; Lotte Mart, Vinmart …; Phu My Hung urban area, Thanh Long Sport…

Architectural and interior design in Valora Mizuki Park Project:

Valora Mizuki Park is a villa and townhouse designed in Japanese style, with the 3P inherent criteria in the previous projects that have been successfully implemented by the owner. The living space at the Valora Mizuki Park is not luxurious, but it is designed in a peaceful, close, gentle and simple manner as the Japanese’s lifestyle. To comment on the design of the project can be encapsulated in two phrases “Aestheticism” and “Irreducibility”, specific as follows:

– Valora Mizuki Park Villa is designed in an open space, with natural sunlight, wind and sky, beautiful flowers and grass, and the view is impressive with 3 open areas (3 views: towards to Ong Lon branch, Rach Bang River, and natural landscape).

– The interior details in Cherry Blossom style with sliding door, wooden floor, completely induction hob. The main color is natural and neutral wood color.

Valora Mizuki Park project

Valora Mizuki Park Nam Long townhouse design

Updating policy, incentives and product prices at Valora Mizuki Park Project:

As with other Mizuki Park projects, you only have to pay 5% of the value of the purchase price before signing up for the sale, and the rest will be paid in the installments in the contract.

The price of each Valora Mizuki Park townhouse is expected to be 2.8 billion per unit, Valora Mizuki Park Villa is about 6 billion per unit.

Interior and exterior will be hand over completely and on schedule.

Valora Mizuki Park’s attractions:

– The Ministry of 3 leading investors and strategic partners in Vietnam, Japan. The previous investor has successfully deployed Flora Sakura, Kikyo Residence, Fuji Residence – similar projects Mizuki Park.

– Valora Mizuki Park brings the ideal living space, is the sweetest home building with the most competitive price.

– The Valora branded housing estate represents the first-class property with a reputation already affirmed by Nam Long.

Valora Mizuki Park is considered to be a contemporary Japanese architectural masterpiece, bearing the warmth of the Land of Cherry Blossoms. Live at Valora Mizuki Park you can just get along with nature and not be separated from modern life.

Any questions about the project, please contact us for more details.

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