Practical Needs Of People When Buying Flats In Real Estate Project District 7

District 7 real estate is the earliest real estate development area and until now is still hotter than ever. The real estate market in District 7 has started to recover strongly, the development of the social economy has gone up.

The real estate market in District 7 is likely to be saturated

At present, there are many real estate projects in townhouses, villas and many large-scale apartment buildings in district 7. That makes forecast real estate market District 7 is gradually saturated. District 7 has the advantage of owning a series of potential infrastructure projects such as Huynh Tan Phat, Nguyen Huu Tho, Nguyen Van Linh and Phu My bridges, especially the 37.5 km Passing through districts 1, 3, 4, 7, contributed to the irresistible appeal of district 7 properties.

In addition, the projects generally build high-end luxury apartments equipped with luxury, modern, along with the price will be more difficult and only suitable for the needs of some elite in Ho Chi Minh City. Meanwhile, the real needs of most people just want to buy a mid-range apartment. So, at some point, the market in this area will be saturated if it continues to run the trend of high-end apartments.

Real Estate District 7

The real estate market in District 7 is hotter than a few years ago

Especially to create a hot spot is thanks to the Kenton Node apartments in District 7, it has created a wave of real exciting for the real estate district 7.

Reality shows when considering human needs. As the society grows, the quality of life is on the rise. The house with many people now is not just a place to live anymore which needs to meet certain criteria customers set. Investors have put themselves in the position of customers and understand their thoughts that apartment of Kenton Node District 7 is now the focus of real estate market district 7. What are the criteria that customers care about?

Location and design quality

Location is always one of the first factors to determine the value of a project. It is not simply the questions that the customer poses as the flat of the project in which district? How far away from the center? … For example: near markets, hospitals, schools, supermarkets. Especially near the workplace of the household to facilitate travel.

Besides, the quality of the apartment design is equally important as attracting customers. Much of it depends on whether the owner is well known in the market. This brings the customers peace of mind, absolute confidence in the quality of the apartment because the top criteria for every customer is to live in a solid, secure and reasonably-priced living space.


Real Estate District 7

Utility around Kenton Node apartment in District 7

Apart from what the apartment needs, utilities must always satisfy the customer depending on the level of each apartment project. So give prospective residents a diverse inner-city population that meets their essential living needs while ensuring the security and privacy of each apartment.

Natural landscapes

The house is a place to return after a long trip, a place to live, where all the lovers gather together. So when it comes to District 7 projects, the owner of the property gives the client the true value of what is known as the “home.” , Cramped and stuffy, the need for green living becomes more and more urgent, then a blue space will be the attraction for them to get back feeling as comfortable as possible.

Confidence for customers

Investors must give customers a certain faith to customers to send and trust. This is something that customers still have a lot of questions when planning to buy an apartment.

It is very difficult for a customer to decide whether to buy or not, based on many criteria. In addition to the above criteria, there are many other things that customers still consider. But to meet these criteria is to add a plus point in the eyes of customers.

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