The Venica Khang Dien – Gold Positon Connections Roads

The Venica Khang Dien – The gold central position of District 9 connects all roads. Let the Vietnam Real Estate analyze the location of this project.

The Venica Khang Dien is one of the most expected international villa projects in the East of Saigon area. This is the first project with a high-cost investment from Khang Dien, the leading real estate developer in Vietnam.

The location of The Venica Khang Dien is highly appreciated and considered as the golden position of District 9 in particular and the most potential area in Ho Chi Minh City in general. To know more about the location of The Venica Khang Dien project, please refer to the following information

The location is considered the central gold position of The Venica Khang Dien

Khang Dien is one of the organizations specializing in investment and construction of luxury real estate products with the strength of a large land fund in East Saigon. The Venica Khang Dien is part of a 100-hectare Khang Dien land fund located in District 9.

The Venica Khang Dien

The location of the 9th center point of The Venica Khang Dien project

Specifically, the Venica Khang Dien is located on the peninsula with a total area of 3.1 hectares, in the front of Do Xuan Hop Street, Phu Huu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. Looking towards the northeast, the project is near the canal, you can also see the highway to the Mega. To the southeast, the Venica Khang Dien is adjacent to Ba Hien canal, looking towards Do Xuan Hop Street and Phu My Bridge. In the northwest, the project is adjacent to the vacant lot, where the high-end projects will be developed in the future. Left direction to the South, the Venica Khang Dien borders Ong Cay river, airy air year round.

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With 3 sides adjacent the river, 1 side adjacent the highway, the Venica Khang Dien with peninsula location has privacy and convenient traffic. Residents living in the Venica District 9 can move freely in all directions by the most convenient roads without getting distracted, traffic jams or waterlogged status … Special thing at the Venica Khang Dien is that though it is near the road, the air in the campus is very clean because the riverfront areas have regulated the air.

Expected when completing the Venica it will provide real estate market in East Saigon 43 luxury villas, you can live together with relatives here and choose suitable villas for the conditions of yourselves.

The Venica Khang Dien location offers the following benefits to residents

With such a location, the Venica Khang Dien will provide residents 3 special benefits.

Firstly, the terrain of the project is located in the accretion area along the canal, so the geomancy is highly appreciated. This place is the great place to settle in terms of mind because of the land, residents will enjoy a happy life, security and success in the work.

The Venica Khang Dien

Experience the modern swimming pool at Venica Villas Khang Dien in District 9

Secondly, because it is located in the traffic point, the Venica Khang Dien gives its residents the great advantages in terms of mobility. You can come to anywhere you want with fast time through the arterial routes. In particular, to move to District 1, you will take only 10 minutes by car and only 15 minutes from the project you can arrive to Long Thanh International Airport. Of course, if you move to District 2, District 7 or Dong Nai, Vung Tau… the road will be more convenient.

Thirdly, the great benefit that residents of The Venica Khang Dien received must be mentioned that is the system of external utility. With the central location of District 9, The Venica is close to Hi-tech Park, Vincom Business Center, schools of all levels (international schools), hospitals, banks, supermarkets, markets … Not mention the internal utilities, the combination of attractive external ones is enough to see the great attraction of The Venica Khang Dien.

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The Venica Khang Dien

High end interior experience at The Venica Khang Dien villa

The above advantages that The Venica Khang Dien experts are highly praised in terms of terrain. Besides, the project itself attracts a lot of interest from customers despite no need too much PR. Thanks to its prominent location, the Venica will surely increase the price in the near future when the infrastructure items in the city develop in according to the city’s policy. Therefore, if you want to invest in the real estate market in East Saigon, do not miss the chance to own the product at the Venica.

If you are an individual customer would like to choose a place to live in the projects with a limited number of villas such as The Venica Khang Dien, you can contact us directly for more specific advice.

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