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Vinhomes LaSeine In District 9 – The Big Project Of Vingroup

Vinhomes La Seine project

Over the past three decades, Vietnam has changed vigorously in all fields, especially the urban appearance with modern works, large-scale urban area and international class. The VinGroup is proud of joining the Vietnamese enterprises to actively contribute to the changes and make Vietnam more and more dynamic.

As you have known, the VinGroup is the well-known corporation with great projects such as Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh, Vinhomes Central Park, Vinhomes Royal City, Time City, Vinhomes Riverside, Vinhomes Golden River… The Group has continued to launch the next superlative project called Vinhomes La Seine Villas in District 9, the most typical development tourism project with the expectation of the future owners.

Making the Vinhomes La Seine in District 9 more attractive, so many people coming and leaving want to return here even just once.

How is Vingroup influential and why does Vinhomes La Seine in District 9 attract a lot of attention?

Vinhomes La Seine project
Location extremely convenient, easy to move to the people of Vinhomes La Seine project

With a mission to bring better life for the Vietnamese, The VinGroup’s projects are developing most of the land of Vietnam. Pioneer in bringing changes, creating new values of living with superior level. Defined as core field (VinHomes) the real estate brand of VinGroup has reached the top position in Vietnam.

These are reasons that VinGroup constantly invests efforts in their “children” in which the Vinhomes La Seine District 9 is the most typical project. With the desire to bring luxurious life and the life value, Vinhomes La Seine has entered the lives of residents and became the symbol of prosperity.

What about VinGroup?

According to a famous quote by Karl Marx: “History does not do anything, it does not create the wealth, it does not fight. The people who are really living just do all that.” Well the history of Vingroup started on August 8th, 1993 with dreams and aspirations of young Vietnamese who want to assert themselves. The heart of enthusiasm has begun the endless journey. Business Philosophy “Mind, Faith, Intelligence, Love”.

Urban areas, schools, children with teachers and friends, shopping malls, bustling business offices, happy mothers waiting for their children to be born, the beaming smile in the paradise resorts … all are in Vinhomes La Seine in District 9 because it is a “child” invested with both heart and enthusiasm.

What is the strength of the VinGroup when being compared to other groups? How is the Vinhomes La Seine project in District 9 expected?

In the high-end real estate projects in Vietnam, it can be said that the Vinhomes La Seine in District 9 has the highest green rate in the market with 86.5% of green area.

With a land fund of up to 280 hectares, it is so large and wide with the surrounding rivers and greenery. The green and water are two most important factors in the ideal settlement. The place having green and water utilities is an upscale and luxurious appraisal.

It may be that customers do not know that VinGroup understands the psychology of Vietnamese who highly appreciate the family value, especially the future of children of the residents of Vinhomes La Seine in District 9.

Vinhomes La Seine project
Vinhomes La Seine project promises to be an upscale villa complex

VinGroup wishes to create an ideal living space with the highest standard that this place brings. Now you know, the dream of the investor has come true, when the lives of residents in Vinhomes La Seine in District 9 are upgraded to a new level with all the comfort and fresh living space.

Thanks to the favorable location surrounded by rivers, Vinhomes La Seine in District 9 has brought people here an extremely private space without any difference, safe and peaceful to enjoy the poetic beauty.

VinGroup has proven its great experience by creating a work, a perfect paradise that meets all international standards, which gives residents a living space of the luxurious level.

The satisfaction of the residents living in Vinhomes La Seine is the motivation and pride for VinGroup to develop further and further.

At present, the second half of 2016, it can be said that Vinhomes La Seine is always a smart choice for customers who want to find a living space in a true way, a life close to the harmonious natural space with rich experiences in the field of real estate, the quality of services that VinGroup brings. VinGroup is one of the corporations with the best quality service. By providing high standard services that are harmonious with comfortable living, all services at Vinhomes La Seine will be managed professionally by VinGroup, which will surely bring sustainable investment. And most profitable for investors with high prices and a stable market. We can see that Vinhomes La Seine District 9 has a complete resonance, position in the real estate market and gets the unique attention from customers.

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Vinhomes LaSeine In District 9 – The Big Project Of Vingroup

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