What Are The Advantages Of Diamond Lotus Green World Apartment?

Lotus Green World Apartment is a luxury apartment project of the investor Phuc Khang investment and development in District 10. So what are the advantages of the success of the Lotus Green Lotus Apartments?

Diamond Lotus Green World has achieved initial success by attracting a large number of interested customers. The project promises to create real estate fever in 2017 in the center of Saigon with great advantages.

There are many advantages from Lotus Green World Diamond Suite, but in the article below, we will only filter out the most impressive advantages, contributing to the initial success of the project, and there is a great success in the future. We hope to help you understand more and have the most accurate assessment of the project, through sharing.

The prestigious investor of Diamond Diamond Green World District 10:

To say anything, to start a project, perhaps we should put the attention in order, ie the number one must be the prestige of the investor in the market. With Diamond Suite Lotus Green World, the owner is Phuc Khang Corporation.

Diamond Diamond Green World

Green Living blends with nature at Lotus Lotus Green World Apartment Project District 10

Phuc Khang is one of the famous real estate development groups in Vietnam, reaching the top 10 titles in 2016. Apart from the Diamond Lotus Green World project being implemented in District 10, Phuc Khang Successfully invested in similar segment projects in District 8 and Tan Phu District, with two works Diamond Diamond Riverside, Diamond Lotus Riverside…

The Diamond Lotus line invested by Phuc Khang meets the standard of green apartments with modern design and outstanding facilities. You can learn more about the investor through previous projects to get the most comprehensive view on this unit. But we can assure you that, in Vietnam, especially in the South, Phuc Khang is very famous, with great prestige and financial potential.

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It is thanks in part to the Phuc Khang brand that Diamond Suites Lotus Green World has achieved initial success, in attracting customers. Of course, it is not enough to make the appearance of the project. However, obviously we cannot deny the reputation of the owner.

Location Lotus Diamond Green Apartment is located in the central area:

The second attractive feature that Lotus Green World Diamond Suites owns is nothing but a location. Of the few projects in District 10, Diamond Lotus Green World is a rare project on three sides of the width of Bac Hai – Thanh Thai – Dong Nai, the project has become the center of District 10, covered by a wide variety of large and small roads that help connect all Districts of the city quickly. Not only that, based on the advantage place, the Diamond Lotus Green World is also surrounded by a variety of extraneous utility class.

Diamond Diamond Green World

The location of the project Lotus Diamond Green World Apartment District 10

Potential real estate value of the land that Diamond Lotus Green World is always growing exponentially because this position is not only convenient in terms of traffic but also commercial development.

Owning a Green Apartment in District 10 is such a wise decision. Whether you are settled or investing, it will certainly be profitable. Since the purchase of Diamond Lotus Green World, the benefit you received has also begun to accrue. Buying early in the first round will always bring more advantages as you can both save the maximum amount of investment, has chosen the apartment in the best position, based on interests and calculations.

Diamond Design of Lotus Green World Apartment:

To share about the advantages that make the success of Diamond Lotus Green World – The latest project implemented by Phuc Khang – not fail to mention the standard of the Super-Green apartment level achieved by the project. This is not a mere standard like other projects, but a double standard on the US LEED and LOTUS standards of Vietnam.

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Both are green standards for construction works, which help to enhance the natural ecological harmony of nature, ensure safe living space for people and protect the environment. At the same time, to meet these criteria, Diamond Lotus Green World also ensures the ability to save energy, reduce emissions…

Diamond Lotus Green

Green standard for construction works, to improve the ecological living environment in harmony with nature, ensure safe living space for human and environmental protection.

In Vietnam, Diamond Lotus Green World is the first project pioneering the trend of Green Apartment, and also the project reached at the same time both strictest standards. That is why even though just launched, the project immediately resonated in the market, attracting the attention of experts and investors, individual customers.

Of course, there are more advantages to come from the project, and we will continue to provide you with more in later sharing articles. Or if you need information sooner, you can also contact us directly for advice, support.

In addition to the Diamond Lotus Green World project in the center of Saigon, another project named Kenton node hotel complex has the same green standard.

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