What Do You Know About The Investor Of The Venica Project In District 9

How is the Khang Dien unit? – The investor of Venica project in District 9. The Vietnam Real Estate will give you some information about Khang Dien Investor.

Investing is an important first step that customers should consider before deciding on any real estate product. The more prestigious the developer, the more successful the project is, the better the quality of the product. So Khang Dien – The investor of the project Venica District 9 is the unit, how did you find out?

If you have not had time to consult the details of Khang Dien, you can take a moment to read this article and look at the profile. This is not 100% completely information about the project owner The Venica District 9, but also the most basic thing you should know.

Khang Dien – The most famous investor of The Venica District 9 project in Saigon East Area:

Venica Villa Project

Khang Dien Villa Project with 3 side river view

Khang Dien (fully known as Khang Dien Housing Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company), is one of the famous real estate investment companies in Vietnam. With 15 years of operation, Khang Dien has built and successfully built a series of prestigious projects in Ho Chi Minh City, helping to raise the real estate of Vietnam and help thousands of residents have these. That is ideal place to live in between bustling Saigon.

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Many real estate brands are associated with Khang Dien’s brands such as Mega Village, Mega Ruby, Lucasta, Melosa Garden, etc. Each project is a distinct feature of the different lifestyle standards, nearly all of them succeeded brilliantly and brought to Khang Dien the irresistible charm of prestige.

With the advantage of owning a large land bank of over 100 hectares in the East of the city, which still preserves the pristine natural scenery … most Khang Dien projects are highly valued, especially terrain and environment.

Highlights of the project owner The Venica District 9 is not merely a perfect landscape planning of the upper class and unique architecture, but Khang Dien is also known for transparency, clarity on Legal papers when selling products to customers. There has not been any complaint from the client for Khang Dien in terms of paperwork, as all of the project works developed by the unit have full red books and paperwork.

Venica Villa Project

Golden location in the heart of District 9 of The Venica Villa

With Khang Dien, upgrading the brand and creating the highest level of service to the life of Vietnamese is important. Unlike some other investors on the market, only concerned about profit but neglecting the customer.

Prestige of Khang Dien brand reputation of The Venica Project District 9:

The analysis recently shared in part 1 is a brief profile of the investor Khang Dien – The Venica Project District 9. If you have a basic reference on the investor, you also understand. More about this unit and a little less sympathy with The Venica District 9 Project.

However, believe us, you will feel even more impressed with The Venica, if you know what Khang Dien will do good for this project.

Specifically, after many successful projects resound, Khang Dien continues his way, which is conquering the new heights of the high-grade real estate market. That is why The Venica District 9 project was born at this time, although the number of competitors in the same segment is not rare.

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So The Venica project is different, what is interesting that the owner is so proud and so devoted? The answer will be short:

– The Venica Project District 9 is a villa project that owns the best landmark in the East Saigon area. Not only have 3 sides adjacent to the peaceful blue water canal, the project also owns a spacious frontage for easy access to all parts of the city and surrounding areas. This place is good about geomancy and trade, so when it was announced The Venica attracted a lot of inquiries.

– The Venica District 9 is a semi-classical style project in the Mediterranean. This is the most unique interior design planning in the region, bringing the aristocratic living space, the international standard with 5-star. Here, not only the villas have impressive architecture, but the interior is as comfortable as the old place. However, because of the semi-classical style, you can rest assured that the real estate products will not be too fancy, but luxurious and elegant.

Venica Villa Project

The Venica District 9 is a semi-classical design of the Mediterranean

Currently, The Venica District 9 project is expected to be very comfortable, from VND $565,218/unit, permanent pink book with the lowest area of 226.29 sqm. To own a villa in this golden peninsula area, you can contact us directly.

In addition to the villa project The Venica District 9 of the investor Khang Dien, you can refer to the Jamila apartment project is also a project invested by Khang Dien.

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