When Comparing The Merita Project And The Lucasta Project

It is known that the key projects in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, Merita project and Lucasta project are getting more attention as well as evaluation from the public. Therefore, two projects are often compared to each other. However if to compare the best overview, we can seen in aspects such as location, design planning, utilities serving life, price, quality of works,…

Both projects are from reputable investors

Both projects are being built by an extremely reputable contractors to have a say in the world’s real estate is Khang Dien investment and trading company. This is a very prestigious investor with many projects that have been marked as well as appreciated by investors and customers.

Typical examples include the Meriton Khang Dien, Lucasta, Melosa Garden, Mega mega, Venica, luxury Mega projects… these are the gems of the East that are created and developed under the investment and extremely meticulous guidance of Khang Dien company.

Khang Dien investment

Khang Dien is one of the most reputable, minded and potential investors

Owns the expensive façade

If the Merit Towers project owns a prime site adjacent to Lien Phuong Street in Phuoc Long B ward, the Lucasta project also owns a location extremely convenient because Lucasta lying on the roads wards Phu Huu ward, district 9. Both projects are close to the highway Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay. This is extremely convenient for connections to the surrounding area as well as the city center in just fifteen minutes along highway. This place is not only convenient for personal transportation but also for public transportation.

Moreover, the two projects are located in convergence regions crowded resident of the east side. We can easily tell name other high-end residential areas as: The Eastern, Park Riverside populations, Villa park villa or Keppel Land,..This creates a modern living space, green, clean, beautiful, extremely harmonious and synchronous.

The utility service system unexpected

The Lucasta Villa project is built on the basis of harmonious green villa standards living space with nature. Therefore, Khang Dien investor has cooperated with MIA – a famous architecture company with One Landscape to create a perfect project to surprise. The space here is very harmonious with nature, so you can see shady of trees everywhere in the project. Not only that, there is one hectare a ecological lake surrounded by a green park like a jewel in the heart of this modern and luxurious project.

Facilities such as swimming pool, gym, badminton court, tennis court… are indispensable facilities. The Lucasta Villa project makes you feel a green living space, harmony that modern, always secure with 24/7 security system.

 Merita and Lucasta projects

Both Merita and Lucasta projects are invested by Khang Dien investor to build a comprehensive, rich and comprehensive internal utility system.

Originally developed  by an investor, the Merita Thap Muoi project is also a project of utmost completeness, ensure people to live in harmony with nature but also extremely luxurious, classy and fully equipped such as: standard swimming pool, children’s playground, fitness center for elders, flower gardens, green parks, walking areas,…In green campus which also arranged the set outdoor tools under the shade of trees to create comfort for the people that lives in harmony with nature and also contribute to health.

Both projects when handed in by customers complete 100% on the outside, the rest on the inside, the layout options can be customized according to preferences and expectations of each individual or family.

Competitive and attractive price

Both projects can confirm themselves are going to rise to the pearl of the East of Sai Gon with the advantages but the price of the house is extremely preferential and appropriate. Depending on the size and location of each apartment, house or villa will have a different price and corresponding to its value.

Khang Dien has had a great business deal from price and help with funding for customers. Customers who buy apartments and villas from the Khang Dien Company can borrow capital in various banking systems at extremely favorable interest rates.

Along with the continuous development affirming its prestige and grow up in the real estate industry, Khang Dien Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company always brings many benefits as well as the choice for the customers who believe and support Khang Dien. The two Lucasta Villa projects and the Merita Thap Muoi project are two of the many such projects. Therefore, it is difficult to comment on which projects are better, because both projects have their own strengths. The success of the two projects strengthened Khang Dien’s prestige as well as its day to day growth.

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