Why Don’t You Order The Bahamas, Diamond Island Via Vietnam Real Estate?

Vietnam Real Estatepieces of advice too fast, quick procedure

We analyze the apartments and selects the best apartments, the beautiful view of each floor is so fast that guests have spare time, have to endure time to work and care for the family. Scheduling to view sample home is very quick by working directly with the landlord

Buying through we through is easy for customers to lose because the procedure is too fast, customers have nothing to do. Documents and contracts are delivered to the door, customers do not have the opportunity to run out.

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Location is too beautiful, the price is not high

The Bahamas Tower is adjacent to the Brilliant Tower and views of downtown Ho Chi Minh City. These two towers have a much better view than the other towers. In addition, the Bahamas Tower is not as high as the Brilliant Tower. The Bahamas completed later so the newer Brilliant Tower also made the owners have to live in newer apartments, using the new facilities.

Bahamas Apartment

Location of the Bahamas Tower

Designing is too bright, all day must look at the city

Designing apartments in the Bahamas take advantage of many visions from any room, even the bathrooms look to the city or the East. The apartment uses natural light all day and has clear vision that the owner relaxes easily.

The land project is 8ha with only 1,200 apartments, the density of trees is up to 86.5%.

The planning is vast that Diamond Island only has 1,200 apartments, each floor has only 8 units that use up to 3 lifts for residents and 1 elevator for goods. Residents want to chat, look at each other that is difficult because it is too private and quiet.

The area of green trees is too much oxygen to make the air cool, residents have to go relax, stroll, jogging on the precinct without running out of space.

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