Why Should You Invest On The New City District 2 Project?

Should the New City Project District 2 be purchased for welfare or investment? Together we analyze why you should invest in Thu Thiem New City Project District 2.

A real estate project is said to be successful when the real estate products of the project attract visitors, providing the ideal living space for the target customers and bringing attractive profits to the investment professionals. So with the New City Project District 2, you have a look at what factors make you decide to choose this building as a “landing”, among a series of other famous name projects in the area.

If you still do not get the correct answer, just feel this is a potential work, or you are still wondering between the many choices … this article sure will somewhat help you. Solving anxiety, and at the same time provide the basis for you to make wise decisions.

New City Project District 2 owns a beautiful location with potential for attractive price increases:

New City Project

The trade center meets all service needs of the people in New City project

In the District 2 project, it would be great if the terrain of the project was appreciated. Because positioning is important, it is important to identify the potential of a real estate project. For example, if you work in the city center, you will want to be close to the workplace, or at least the connection routes from where you are to where you need to be convenient, less traffic jams…

Placement is very important to customers when they decide to buy a real estate product as a permanent residence. And of course, those who specialize in real estate investment are not outside of this concern, because even though they are “profitable” intermediaries, they also need to know the prime value of the location of the project. It is easier to liquid.

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Regarding this criterion, you can be 100% assured that the project of New City in District 2 is located on Mai Chi Tho Street in Thu Thiem New Urban Area, which is highly appreciated in East Saigon. Not only the potential value of real estate in this area is always hot and accelerate every day, every hour … but also very convenient for transportation. From the location of New City Project, you can go anywhere you want without any problems, as there are many routes connected through here, not to mention there are a series of major transportation projects are key cities are deployed.

Apartment design in New City Project District 2 has both reasonable and diverse area:

New City Project

Luxury design for the apartment at New City project

With the main investment by Thuan Viet Company – a prestigious unit in the field, New City District 2 project not only received positive comments from the location. The design of apartment planning is also very important.

Accordingly, on the land area of nearly 3 hectares, New City Project has been built with 4 blocks of high-rise, including 3 blocks of 25 floors and a block of 28 floors. The total number of units at each block varies, depending on the area, but most blocks own more than 200 apartments.

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According to the announcement from the developer, the apartments will be divided into a variety of area based on the number of bedrooms. As follows:

– 1-bedroom apartment from 46sqm to 51sqm

– 2-bedroom apartment from 56sqm to 87sqm

– 3-bedroom apartment with wide: 95sqm – 120sqm

– Apartment Penthouse, duplex up to 300sqm (4 bedrooms)

With flexible apartment design and science … New City District 2 project can naturally be easier to reach all types of customers. Singles who want to live alone, married couples, multi-generational generations of families … all can choose the right living space in New City.

New City Project

Utmost benefits to meet the needs of living for the people

With real estate investors, the project is really a super-profitable business, because you can choose for yourself all appropriate investment projects with financial potential. For example, you want to buy an apartment at New City Project District 2 and then rented by a single foreigner, you can buy a one bedroom unit, if your target audience is the young family of about 3 members, the two bedroom apartment is more appropriate than that … So, you can calculate the details according to your own plan.

It is expected that in June 2017, the investor will officially open new apartments in Thu Thiem. However, exact date and time have not been specifically announced.

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