Wonderful Life In Diamond Lotus Green World

Diamond Lotus Green World District 10 is the product standard GREEN apartment Europe belong to Phuc Khang owner will officially launch in June in 2017. What are the wonderful living values of Diamond Lotus Green World?

Diamond Lotus World Apartment District 10 is not simply a real estate product to provide housing for Saigon residents, but also a pioneer project leading the trend. Green households are modern, meeting the standards of the United States and Vietnam.

Compared with the high-grade apartments in District 10, at Diamond Lotus Green World you will feel a lot of wonderful living value is not possible. Only about 2 months left, this project will officially accept booking according to the policies from Phuc Khang Corporation. From now on, you should probably update the information from Diamond Lotus Green World soon to make the most appropriate investment options.

What are the great living values this Green Apartment project brings?

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Diamond Lotus Green World District 10 is a GREEN LEED Apartment in the United States:

Diamond Lotus Green World

Diamond Apartment project Lotus Green World North Sea District 10

First of all, what is especially important and also the most special point of the project, attracting a lot of interested customers is Diamond Lotus Green World achieved the LEED standard of the United States.

LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, founded in 1995 by the Green Building Council of America. This is a pioneering international standard in the construction of buildings with the goal of protecting the human environment and optimizing energy efficiency (reducing emissions, increasing drainage efficiency, Adaptability of the works with environmental change, electricity and water saving …). Projects that meet this standard will be awarded a LEED Green Building Certificate by the Council. In this standard, the works are also classified according to the level of the certificate from Platinum, Gold, Silver,…

In Vietnam, not many projects achieve this criterion, except Diamond Lotus Green World is coming soon. The project is invested by Phuc Khang Corporation, belonging to the Diamond Lotus Group, which also meets the Vietnam Green Building Standard (VGBC).

Thanks to both impressive double criteria, Diamond Lotus Green World District 10 became a pioneer real estate with positive living values. In order to achieve this standard, the project also reached other milestones.

Diamond Lotus Green World is known as the only eco apartment in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, with ultra-low building density, unique architecture and most importantly the ability to save energy excellence. Materials systems and equipment used in the apartments at the project are always the most modern equipment, meeting the most practical way of life of the people but still ensure no impact on the environment.

LEED is the best living value that Diamond Lotus Green World District 10 brings to the whole Saigon people who are looking forward to a peaceful city life.

Diamond Lotus Green World owns the system of excellence in the outlying areas:

In addition to the impressive Green Apartment impressive standards, Diamond Lotus Green World project demonstrates its strengths through the attractive utility system per square meter of land.

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Only the existing utility system available around, Diamond Lotus Green World has already gained the charm, not to discuss the local utility by Phuc Khang investment deployment.

Diamond Lotus Green World

The Diamond Lotus Green World apartment project uses the LEED United States standard

If you regularly go through District 10, especially the intersection of Bac Hai – Thanh Thai you probably know how busy this is. Nearly in District 10, all utilities, all essential needs to not lack. You need to go shopping, go to the bank, go to the amusement park or go to the administrative areas … just move a few minutes you will reach the place you need, not look lost time or travel Shy as in suburban projects. Stepping down to Diamond Lotus Green World District 10, you will find a flood of top class facilities at your feet. “A touching paradise”, probably this one!

Internal utilities: Diamond Lotus Green World is also very well invested because as shared, this project has met the very perfect standards of living space. In addition to green spaces and fresh air, the project offers residents the best service experience. On the campus of the project, the pool is overflowing, the gym, spa, library, school, clinic, amusement park, shopping mall … all are fully equipped scientifically.

No matter which apartment you have in 8 buildings, you can access the facility easily with just a few quick moves. Not only that, the security in the project is strictly controlled so the life of the residents is absolutely assured of safety.

With these positive values, Diamond Lotus Green World District 10 is truly a perfect living paradise.

Next to Diamond Lotus Green World in downtown District 10, if you are interested in the southern area then learn more about Kenton Node Hotel Complex Apartment.

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