Price List Of Diamond Lotus Green World District 10

What is the price of Diamond Lotus Green World District 10? Together we analyze and compare the price of Diamond Lotus Green World District 10 with other projects.

Price policy of real estate projects in the same area, the same segment is often never equal. The price of the product depends largely on other important factors, such as site design, utility and related standards. With Diamond Lotus Green World District 10, prices are calculated scientifically from many criteria.

If you are interested in Phuc Khang’s newest project and need to find out more about pricing policy, as well as the general price level of other projects in the area that Diamond Lotus Green World is located in, you can rate it more easily through the following sharing post:

Accurate information about Diamond Lotus Green World District 10 and expected price:

Diamond Lotus Green World District 10 is a segmented project with two previously known projects of Phuc Khang, Diamond Lotus Lake View Dam Sen and Diamond Lotus Riverside District 8.

Diamond Lotus Green World

The whole area of Diamond Lotus Green World in District 10 is located on Phuc Khang’s Bac Hai Road

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All three projects are Diamond Lotus and the same owner, so they have a certain similarity in quality, only in terms of size and some add-ons. You can visualize VinGroup’s streams to better understand the way tectonic structures of some large corporations are constructed.

Compared to the previous two projects in Tan Phu and District 8, Diamond Lotus Green World District 10 is more crowded and is in a better location. This is also the project that Phuc Khang invests the most in the current time with many expensive expectations.

Specifically, Diamond Lotus Green World District 10 is located on a land fund of nearly 11 hectares, with 3 spacious facades at the intersection of the heart of the district center, right Bac Hai – Thanh Thai – Dong Nai (Exact address 252 Bac Hai, Ward 15, District 10). Located right in the heart of the city, Diamond Lotus Green World has inherited many advantages based on regional factors, as it is convenient transportation and near a series of attractive external facilities.

After completion in 2019, the project will provide more than 6,000 luxury apartments in Sai Gon real estate market, some villas and townhouses to meet the needs of the people, achieving the LEED (American Green Apartment) standard and LOTUS standards for environmentally friendly living spaces, good for human health. Diamond Lotus Green World District 10 is currently the most famous project in the region, attracting much attention from investors.

Currently, Phuc Khang has not offered the exact price for this product line, but it is expected that the value of the apartments in the project will fall to nearly USD $90,900/ unit area of 55 sqm including 2 bedrooms. Thus, we can easily calculate to own 1sqm at the project, customers need to prepare from USD $2000 / sqm.

In June, the investor will receive the booking of Diamond Diamond Green District 10 apartment and officially announce the price policy, as well as the appropriate forms of payment and payment methods. You should regularly update the news so you do not miss the opportunity.

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Compare prices of Diamond Lotus Green World District 10 with projects in the region:

With prices ranging from USD $ 2000/ sqm, the price of Diamond Lotus Green World District 10 is quite competitive compared to the neighboring buildings. Accordingly, the current price for 1 square meter of land in the resettlement apartments in the area has fallen to the range of USD $ 1360, while the normal commercial apartments range from USD $ 1700 to USD $ 1900. Thus, high-class apartments meeting American standards such as Diamond Lotus Green World District 10, USD $ 2000 / sqm is not high.

Diamond Lotus Green World

Diamond Lotus Green World apartments are reasonably priced and competitive compared to other products

Below is the pricing of some District 10 projects, hope you can rely on here to make the most correct comments:

– The Park Avenue project of Novaland price is from USD $ 2000 / sqm (handover the whole rough house).

– Ha Do Group’s Centrosa Garden project costs between USD $ 2000 – 2500/ sqm

– Toplife Tower price from USD $ 2500 / sqm; only rough handover, customer self-finishing interior

– Xi Grand Court is currently building the 8th floor price is also from USD $ 1700 – 1900 / sqm

Even Charmington La Pointe lease contract 43 years, have not finished the price has also fluctuated in the range of USD $ 1500-1600 per sqm…

With a series of projects in the region at the same price has just been shared, perhaps you have own self-assessment, evaluation of your own. Based on the above information, you should plan and compare the price and other criteria of each project to make it easier to make a decision.

Also at the same time Diamond Lotus Green World in the South Saigon area investors also officially announced Kenton apartment District 7 also have a reasonable price.

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