4 Reasons To Buy Empire City Apartment In District 2

You should choose Empire City apartment District 2 as a living place due to 4 reasons.

“Settle down and thrive” is a conception of our forefather from past to present. This is perfectly suitable for the character of Vietnamese and of course, choosing a lifetime living place is a very important decision. If you have heard of Empire City Apartments District 2, take a moment to refer to the reasons why you should own an apartment here.

  1. Empire City Apartments District 2 is planned to international standards

Not only prestigious investors inside and outside the country invest in this project, Empire City Apartments District 2 also has the participation of many reputable partners in the world in every field.

Particularly in terms of planning this complex project, the consultant and the responsible agency is Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates PC – KPF. This is a professional consultant on master planning design, ranked in the list of 20 leading design units. Therefore, the project of Empire City District 2 under the talented hands of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates PC – KPF has become the international standard project.

Empire City apartment

Empire City Apartments District 2 is extremely classy and luxurious

This is a factor that the middle and upper classes in Vietnam are very satisfied because it is not easy to find such a standard real estate projects in Saigon in particular and Vietnam in general.

According to the plan, in just a few years, the face of District 2 will change drastically. The center of Ho Chi Minh City may not be the District 1 but will move to district 2 with a series of real estate projects. The most highlight is the Empire City high-end complex area.

Depending on your needs, interests, and purposes, you can choose high-class apartments or villas and commercial townhouses to experience luxurious life.

  1. Domestic and foreign investors with prestige and reputation

On the scale of planning, the second reason is that you should choose Empire City Apartments District 2. Nothing else, it is the prestigious investors.

Empire City apartment

The favorable location of Empire City apartment

The investor who is the signatory on papers is Empire City joint-venture limited company. However, this is a company created to harmonize the four other investment units, including 2 foreign units and 2 domestic units, including:

– Keppel Land CO., Ltd: 40%

– Gaw Capital Partners Real Estate Fund (Gaw Capital Partners Union Group): 30%

– Tran Thai Real Estate Co., Ltd: 15%

– Tien Phuoc Real Estate JSC: 15%

These investors have had successful real estate projects domestically and internationally. Therefore, Empire City apartment project in District 2 is not out of the anticipated success. Four powerful “tigers” together, of course, efficiency will multiply.

  1. Empire City Apartments District 2 is located in the most favorable location in Thu Thiem Urban Area

Thu Thiem New Urban Area is in the development plan of Ho Chi Minh City as well as the Central, divided into 8 zones with separate functions, in which Zone 2 (where Empire City is located) will be the one multifunctional complexes include commerce, sports and recreation and resident.

With such function and location that one side borders the East-West Highway, other side borders the Saigon River… except Empire City apartment project, are there any other project that has such a prime location?

With a convenient transportation system, close to markets, near the river, it’s clear that this is a huge advantage for the residents of Empire City Apartments. Many clients have ordered the apartment only because the location is too favorable in the context of “an inch of soil is an inch of gold” in Saigon.

  1. The lofty mission of the Empire City apartments District 2

Sound the word “mission”, perhaps you will see why it is too macroscopic. But the fact is that only the word “mission” can reflect the true nature of this billion dollar project. Because there are no huge projects in term of capital, area, and planning. Only considering Empire Tower of 86 floors have confirmed that.

This will probably be the tallest tower in Vietnam, leaving behind two rivals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City that is Landmark 81 and Keangnam Landmark Tower.

For information relating Empire City Apartments District 2, please contact us today.

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