5 Secrets Of Bahamas Tower – Diamond Island

Each project has its own highlights to attract customers and the Bahamas-Diamond Island too. Continuing the success of the opening of the sale of the Hawaiian Tower and the Bora Bora Tower, the investors of Kusto officially introduce the Bahamas Tower with the distinctions getting a lot of attention of every customer.

The first secret – the large scale at the Bahamas Tower – Diamond Island

The first secret of the Bahamas tower is the scale of the project. Diamond Island has a total area of up to 8 hectares. It is built of 6 blocks with a total of 1274 apartments solving a lot of housing needs for residents.

Diamond Island project

Diamond Island owns the gold position in District 2

According to the plan, the towers of the Diamond Island project will include: Brilliant Tower (250 units), Hawaiian Tower (206 units), Bora Bora Tower (264 units), Bahamas Tower Including 206 units), the Maldives Tower (214 units) and the Canary Tower (Expected to be Office Tel).

With a land area of up to 8 hectares, however, Kusto Home has just 13.5% of construction space, and the rest is green space and 5-star facilities providing the perfect life for all future residents.

What is the second secret at the Bahamas Tower – Diamond Island?

Compared with the District 2 apartments, the location is an extremely favorable location that the Bahamas Tower – Diamond Island owns. It locates in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, with 3 sides are bordered by rivers – Saigon River, Giong Ong To River and the artificial river Nhanh Nho bringing to beautiful scenery.

According to the latest information, the bridge linking Diamond Island and Mai Chi Tho Avenue is approved and officially started in July 2017. And as you all know when this bridge is connected, it will give every customer numerous advantages of transportation.

Specifically, it can be said that it takes about 5 minutes to get to Phuc An International Hospital và Vietnam Australia International School or just about 7 minutes to the new financial center Thu Thiem and about 10 minutes to the center of District 1 or Ben Thanh Market. It is so convenient right?

The third secret is the perfect utilities that is only available in Bahamas Tower – Diamond Island

Diamond Island project

overall of Bahamas – Diamond Island in District 2

With the desire to bring about the perfect life for all residents, Kusto Home investor has built a large variety of utilities. Typically, it is a pool of 2.300sqm, a playground for children recreated fairy tales such as the Caribe Pirates, Ding Ding Dong Palace, etc. All of them will be built to be a healthy and dynamic entertainment for your children.

How about the elderly? You can be assured that the Bahamas Tower – Diamond Island will be built with numerous river parks, yoga areas, or large green spaces. All of which will be combined to create spacious living space for all residents.

In addition, the project also combines many other facilities such as golf course, BBQ area, marina with 70 seats and many other large and small facilities. Only when coming to Diamond Island, clients can feel all.

What about the view direction of the Bahamas Tower – Diamond Island?

The Bahamas Tower has an airy view without being obstructed at any corner of the apartment providing future residents with stunning views when sunrise and sunset of the romantic Saigon River.

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What is the furniture as well as the price of the apartment in the Bahamas tower like?

Diamond Island project

Diamond Island – the only natural island in Ho Chi Minh City

The fifth secret that the Bahamas tower owning is the luxurious interior and the extremely affordable price that the investor gives to every customer. Bahamas Tower apartments will be handed over with full of modern equipment and interior.

Especially, the prices for apartments in the Bahamas are from 2.2 thousand dollars to 2.5 thousand dollars per square meter (excluding VAT and 2% PBT). So, at this price, it is considered to be a very reasonable price compared to what the Bahamas Tower gives residents.

Not only that, the Diamond Island project is also supported by Techcombank. With the policy of collecting 30% before the handover of the house and 2 years without interest will help all customers easily and quickly own one of the apartments in the Tower Bahamas Diamond Island.

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